TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Tuesday 6-4-2024


Tishwash: Al-Sudani: Iraq has many investment opportunities offered to international companies

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed, today, Tuesday, that Iraq has many investment opportunities offered to international companies.

Al-Sudani’s media office said in a statement received by {Al-Furat News}, “The latter received the British Ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hitchen, and during the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between Iraq and the United Kingdom, and mechanisms for working to strengthen and expand them in various fields, in a way that achieves mutual benefit and interests.” shared between the two countries. 

The Prime Minister stressed that “Iraq has many investment opportunities presented to international companies, welcoming the participation of British institutions and companies in various sectors, especially the sectors of energy, industry, agriculture, and other vital sectors.” link

Tishwash:  Nearly 80 trillion dinars disappear from the 2022 and 2023 budget.. Deputy: “No one knows where it went.”

Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Hadi Al-Salami, revealed today, Tuesday, that about 57 trillion Iraqi dinars remain from the 2023 budget, and no one knows where it went.

Al-Salami said, “The 2023 budget amounted to 206 trillion, the actual expenditure was 148 trillion, and the remaining 57 trillion. No one knows where that retained money went.”

He added, “There are 22 trillion in rounds in the 2022 budget as well, and no one knows where it went,” noting that “there are problems and irregularities regarding the issue of actual revenues and actual expenses in the budget tables.”

He explained, “The House of Representatives made many observations on the budget schedules that were passed without warning.”  link


CandyKisses:  Sudani suspends after approving 2024 budget schedules

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani expressed, on Monday (June 3, 2024), his thanks and gratitude to the House of Representatives for its efforts that resulted in the approval of the budget tables.

Al-Sudani said, according to a statement by his media office, received by “Baghdad Today”: “With more appreciation and pride, we congratulate the responsible step of the esteemed House of Representatives, represented in approving the budget tables for the year 2024 , related to Law (13 of 2023), the law of the “Federal Budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal years (2023, 2024, 2025).”

He added: “We express thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Presidency of the House of Representatives, political forces, parliamentary committees, and the Finance Committee, which completed the government effort, and what was previously approved in the Council of Ministers, represented in the budget tables (A, B, C, D, E, and f).”

He continued: “We reaffirm the continuation of the implementation of the government program, which received the vote of the Council of Representatives and the support of political forces, in order to complete the goals and implement the priorities that represent, above all, the aspirations of our Iraqi people and their demands that the government wishes to fulfill.”

He added: “On this occasion, we call on the House of Representatives and provincial councils to support the work of the government by following up on the legislative and oversight effort, which our government institutions with all their arms and bodies consider as a support for their work, an evaluation of the path, and a guarantee against corruption, deviation and failure, just as we pledged to our people that there is no place for procrastination, nor courtesy at the expense of people’s interests, preserving public money, and implementing service in all its names.”

“We ask the Almighty God Almighty for success and repayment to obtain His satisfaction, glory be to Him, and to obtain the satisfaction of our honorable people.”


Tishwash: Oil prices shock the markets and Brent falls to $77

Oil prices fell in early trading on Tuesday, continuing the losses of the previous session when prices fell to their lowest levels in four months, with investors concerned about increased supplies later in the year.

Brent crude futures fell 20 cents, or 0.3%, to $77.77 per barrel. Brent crude closed below $80 for the first time since February 7, after falling more than 3% yesterday, Monday.

US West Texas Intermediate crude futures fell 17 cents, or 0.2%, to $74.05, and closed near the lowest level in four months yesterday after falling 3.6%.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies led by Russia, known as the OPEC+ group, agreed on Sunday to extend most oil production cuts until 2025, but left room to gradually cancel the voluntary cuts by eight members starting in October.

Signs of weak demand growth have also weighed on oil prices in the past few months, with a focus on data on fuel consumption in the United States.

The average price of gasoline in the United States fell 5.8 cents to $3.50 a gallon yesterday, Monday, according to GasBuddy data.   link