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CandyKisses:  Electricity: All government buildings will run on solar energy

Economy News-Baghdad

The Ministry of Electricity reported that it is proceeding with a project to convert all government buildings in the country to work with solar energy, revealing that they will be linked to an electronic system to monitor their performance.

The rapporteur of the national initiative, head of the quality management department at the ministry, Shaima Mazhar Sadiq, said in a statement to “Al-Sabah” that the ministry is proceeding with its project aimed at converting all government buildings to work with solar energy, and within the objectives of the national initiative to support energy and reduce the volume of emissions, especially after allocating 90 billion dinars for its first phase.

She indicated that the buildings will be linked to an electronic system to monitor their performance centrally by the ministry’s Energy Research Department on the national (your) platform in cooperation with the National Data Center Department of the Council of Ministers, revealing that her ministry had begun converting 550 government buildings to work with solar energy, including 290 schools in Baghdad and the provinces.

Sadek stated that a specialized team from the canceled Ministry of Science and Technology had revealed buildings qualified to convert their work to solar energy instead of electricity, as well as reduce the volume of emissions emitted by that energy, which causes significant pollution.

She explained that the United Nations program provided advisory support and expertise in the field of implementing such projects, pointing out that the Ministries of Electricity and Environment are the concerned authorities to implement the project to convert buildings to work with a renewable energy system, especially after it became a serious environmental pollution.


Tishwash:  China: Our companies are following the development road project “with great interest”

The Chinese ambassador to Iraq, Cui Wei, confirmed today, Wednesday, that Chinese companies are following the development road project “with great interest” and awaiting more information from Iraq, while pointing to his country’s readiness to enhance future cooperation with Baghdad in various fields.

Wei said that the development road is “an important strategic project proposed by the Iraqi side, and welcomes other countries to participate in it. China has accepted the invitation of the Iraqi side and is currently interested in this project, and is preparing to provide whatever assistance it can to Iraq,” stressing that “Chinese companies are currently following this project.” With great interest, we are awaiting more information from the Iraqi side,” according to the official Al-Sabah newspaper.

In a separate context, Wei pointed out, “China participated in quite a few electrical projects, most notably (Wasit, Rumaila, Maysan, and Basra stations), as these stations contributed, after their establishment, to solving the problem of electricity supply in Iraq significantly, and created many opportunities.” Work for Iraqi citizens,” noting that “the volume of electrical energy provided by the Wasit station in the summer is 70 percent of the total energy consumption in Baghdad,” according to the official newspaper “Al-Sabah.”

He continued, “China and Iraq have an important economic and trade partnership, as practical cooperation between the two sides is continuously deepening in all fields, as the Chinese side is keen to provide a contribution to improving living conditions, resuming industry, and developing the economy for the Iraqi side,” expressing his country’s readiness to “strengthen cooperation.” “The future with the Iraqi side in various fields   link


CandyKisses: :  Sudani: Iraq today represents a safe environment for investment

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani confirmed today, Tuesday (November 21, 2023), during a phone call with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, that Iraq has become a safe environment for investment.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Information Office, received by “Baghdad Today”, said that “Sudanese, held a phone call with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in which he congratulated him on winning the confidence of the Spanish Parliament to head his country’s government , and discussed bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and ways to develop them in all fields, especially in the economic, agricultural and development fields.”

According to the statement, the Prime Minister stressed that “Iraq has become a safe environment for investment today, and is open to benefiting from the expertise possessed by Spanish companies, with all the laws provided by the government in Iraq that contribute to the success of investment projects, renewing his invitation to Mr. Sanchez to visit Iraq.”

The call touched, according to the statement, on “the worsening of the situation in Gaza, and the deliberate occupation forces continue attacks on the Palestinian people in Gaza, and the Prime Minister stressed the need for urgent intervention by all European active countries, to stop the repercussions of the events due to the tragic war targeting civilians in Gaza, stressing the importance of working quickly to deliver humanitarian aid to besieged civilians.”