What is the impact of Iraq’s joining the BRICS group?

What is the impact of Iraq’s joining the BRICS group?

Khaled Al-Assadi, a former member of the House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee, reaffirmed on Tuesday that the Sudanese government’s application to join the BRICS economic bloc is a crucial step toward structuring the country’s political, economic, and security ties with Russia. He also mentioned that Russia has expressed support for the Iraqi request.

Al-Asadi stated, “The Sudanese government has to diversify its contacts with other nations of the globe, notably Russia and the countries forming the group,” which is why the Iraqi government’s proposal to join the BRICS economic group is so crucial.

Noting that “Russia announced its support for the Iraqi request,” he continued, “Iraq will actually participate in the group’s meetings until it gains full membership after completing the membership requirements procedures.”

Elbrus Kutrashev, the Russian ambassador to Baghdad, reaffirmed Russia’s stance in favor of Iraq’s membership in the BRICS economic bloc and expressed Russia’s willingness to provide Iraq with considerable assistance should it choose to do so.