World Trade confirms its aspiration and follow-up of the steps for Iraq to join it

World Trade confirms its aspiration and follow-up of the steps for Iraq to join it

On Tuesday, the World Trade Organization reaffirmed its goal and continued the process of preparing for Iraq’s membership.

In the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi, Minister Atheer Al-Ghurairi met with Zang Shank Shank, the Assistant Director General of the World Trade Organization, to discuss completing Iraq’s procedures to complete the required files, supporting reforms and legislation to be consistent with the market system, and strengthening the country’s economic capabilities to complete the process, according to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce that Al-Rabaa received. prerequisites for the following phase of the admission procedure.

Al-Ghurairi emphasized, as per the statement, “the eagerness of the accession working group to proceed by enhancing collaboration with the organization’s accession department and the head of the working group, Saudi Ambassador Saqr al-Muqbel. His recent visit to Iraq offered tremendous encouragement for the endeavors and actions conducted by the national committee concerned with accession, which he headed, to fulfill all prerequisites in a way that It accomplishes Iraq’s integration into the multilateral trading system.”

“The hope that the organization’s working group’s efforts will focus on supporting the accession of important countries, including Iraq,” the minister emphasized.

The minister went on, “Due to its geographic and economic significance in the region, the Iraqi government recorded international signals of its endeavor and eagerness to return to the economic system within its government program and the measures it took to raise the level of draft laws and support the role of the private sector.”

According to the organization’s Assistant Director General, Iraq’s membership in the group will bring significant benefits to both the organization and the global economy. “The organization is looking forward to and following the steps for Iraq’s accession carefully,” he said, “given that Iraq is one of the important and strong economies that is still outside the organization.”

He expressed his gratitude for the Ministry of Commerce’s advanced stages in finishing and submitting the technical files on goods and services in trade, which will expedite the holding of the third round of negotiations. He also wished for the momentum to continue and to work toward fulfilling the requirements for accession, amending the necessary laws and legislation, and finishing the technical files on time. The group will help him finish his trip to become a member, and we will honor him at the organization’s upcoming ministerial assembly.