A deputy accuses Kuwait of stealing Iraq’s oil

A deputy accuses Kuwait of stealing Iraq's oil

The agent of Basra Governorate, Uday Awad, today, Wednesday, blamed Kuwait for taking Iraqi oil.

Awad said in a proclamation got by , “Kuwait is inciting Iraq once more and taking its oil transparently and obviously by penetrating a zero-degree well on our properties, demonstrating that Kuwait, from the 1980s until now, has been a terrible neighbor that takes and loots, exploiting the conditions we are going through.” ” It is the reason for the conflict, the obliteration of Iraq, and the section of the occupier.”

He added, “Kuwait was not happy with that, but instead took Khor Abdullah and the terrains of Umm Qasr and Safwan in the midst of the quiet of the focal and nearby states.”

He proceeded, “Basra is the mother of Iraq, and its abundance of oil, ports and oceans is for all Iraqis. We request that you stand with us, as we won’t ever be quiet and we will open all records with Kuwait and consider it responsible.”