The Central Bank of Iraq warns of fraud and fake pages

The Central Bank of Iraq warns of fraud and fake pages

The National Bank of Iraq reestablished its admonition about the presence of phony pages on long range interpersonal communication destinations with the names of organizations authorized by the bank attracting residents with counterfeit dollar buys.

The bank expressed in an explanation got by ” that, “The phony pages on person to person communication locales bear the names of authorized trade organizations that advance through long range informal communication destinations the offer of dollars at the authority rate, where the resident enters the connection for the phony organizations to book an arrangement for voyagers to get the dollar.”

He added, “The phony pages guide the person in question and directions to store the dinar.”

The Directorate of Oversight of Non-Banking Monetary Organizations expressed that acquiring this kind of administration is finished through electronic reservation on the organization’s true site (if accessible) and that the store cycle happens solely at the organization’s central command.

The Directorate cautioned residents wishing to purchase the dollar at the authority cost of the need to check and guarantee crafted by these authorized organizations through the authority Iraqi Focal site through the accompanying connection (, affirming that it will go to legitimate lengths against the proprietors of these phony pages. Companies.