A politician reveals an “unexpected” position of the framework regarding the Sudanese completing his governmental term

A politician reveals an “unexpected” position of the framework regarding the Sudanese completing his governmental term

Dr. Qusay Mahbouba, a liberal politician, stated on Wednesday that there are forces within the coordination framework who are opposed to Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani finishing his term. Although he acknowledged that Al-Sudani’s popularity is not at the level of ambition, he believes that Al-Sudani must take steps to improve the lives of citizens. Dr. Mahbouba also commented on the Palestinian war, stating that the Iraqi factions have no involvement in this matter.

Mahbouba, on the 8th program with Ahmed Al-Tayeb, followed by the “Gazette”, stated that there are forces within the framework that do not want the Sudanese government to complete its term. She suggested that although the Sudanese leader enjoys popularity, it’s not at the level of ambition. Mahbouba emphasized the need for the Sudanese government to take steps that positively impact the lives of its citizens. She also called for a review and evaluation of the performance of the government and advisory team.

“The Sudanese people have a strong work ethic, and I encourage them to stay actively involved in ongoing projects,” he stated. He went on to explain that while 17% of the projects aimed at removing obstacles have been completed, the contractors have yet to receive operational advances, and the Central Bank lacks a plan to cover the required budget.”

Mahbouba stated that local elections should be held and religious forces should not interfere in political affairs. She further mentioned that the Communist Party and political Islam are similar and that her party would not form any alliance with the Communist Party.

He emphasized that their alliance would not include any political Islam, the Communist Party, or the Baathist Nationalist, adding that political Islam has failed in Egypt, Libya, and Iraq.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, Mahbouba stated that the Iraqi factions have no involvement and there is no such thing as the Iraqi resistance. The Palestinian resistance should avoid making mistakes.

During a conversation, he emphasized that the Palestinian cause is just and indisputable. He pointed out that within just 11 days, millions of Palestinians have been displaced and that the war is not limited to the lightning operation carried out by Hamas. According to him, Israel has presented the situation in a way that portrays itself as oppressed before the world. He also believes that the decision on peace and war should not be left in the hands of one organization. Finally, he predicts that Gaza will be divided into northern and southern parts in the future.

He emphasized that the Iranian people would not be willing to engage in a battle that is not their own. Similarly, Hezbollah would refrain from entering into an open war with Israel, the Houthis and the Syrian regime would not be able to change the power dynamics in the Palestinian conflict, Qatar would not be allowed to participate in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip this time around, and the Hamas movement has lost its authority over the Gaza Strip.