A representative wonders about the fate of 57 trillion dinars in the budget

A representative wonders about the fate of 57 trillion dinars in the budget

Hadi Al-Salami, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, disclosed on Wednesday that the fate of approximately 57 trillion Iraqi dinars remaining from the budget for 2023 is unknown.

Al-Salami told “Last year’s financial plan added up to 206 trillion dinars,” showing that “the genuine consumption is 148 trillion and the leftover sum is 57 trillion dinars.”

“Where did this retained money go?” he pondered.

He added, “There are 22 trillion in adjusts in the 2022 financial plan also, and nobody knows where it went, demonstrating that there are issues and anomalies in regards to the issue of genuine incomes and genuine costs in the financial plan tables.”

He made sense of that “the Place of Agents mentioned numerous observable facts on the financial plan plans that were passed.”

The Place of Agents decided on the timetables of the Government General Spending plan Regulation No. ( 13) of 2024, supporting its appraisals, annexes, and deficiency funding plans.

The authority to transfer two trillion dinars from the investment budget allocations to the ministries and add them to the regional development allocations for governorates that are not organized into regions was granted to the Council of Ministers. These allocations were distributed based on the percentage of the population and poverty rates in each governorate.

This vote was compulsory over the complaint of various delegates who accepted that the exchange sum was not restricting on the public authority, and that the choice to pass it was a political choice and a question of civility, as per what they said.