TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Wednesday Morning 6-5-2024


Tishwash:  Angry demonstrators storm an American company in Baghdad

On Tuesday, angry demonstrators stormed the building of an American company in Baghdad.
A security source told Mawazine News, “Angry demonstrators stormed the building of the American company Procter & Gamble in the Uwaireej area, south of Baghdad.”

He added, “The security services were on alert towards the Uwairaj area in Baghdad.” link

Tishwash:  Financial inclusion in Iraq: a success story that defies the odds

In the wake of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the financial system collapsed and the phenomenon of hoarding money spread, as a result of the loss of confidence in the banking sector after the closure of most branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq, and the faltering of some local banks.

To address this crisis, the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company began establishment procedures in 2008 with the aim of protecting depositors’ funds and enhancing their confidence in the banking system, which is vital for achieving sustainable economic development.

The company has achieved remarkable success in its mission, as it has witnessed a significant increase in the number of bank accounts and the size of deposits since its establishment. In 2009, total deposits in Iraqi banks amounted to $8.05 billion, and this number rose to $76.5 billion in 2021. This significant increase is largely due to the company’s efforts to enhance confidence in the banking system and encourage citizens to save.

This significant increase in deposits clearly reflects the effective role played by the company in stimulating the culture of savings and encouraging citizens to deposit their money in banks instead of keeping it at home.

These numbers indicate that the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company is on the right track towards achieving its strategic goals, which are enhancing financial stability and reducing the phenomenon of hoarding, and thus contributing to advancing economic growth in Iraq. link


Tishwash:  The government’s lack of seriousness in removing the Americans leaves Iraq exposed to them

It seems that there is nothing hidden from the Americans inside Iraq, as they know everything and eavesdrop on everything, and all this while the government is silent in the face of the popular will that calls for the removal of the American occupier from the country.

An international coalition led by the United States toppled the former regime in 2003, then Washington declared itself an occupying force in the country.

In 2008, the United States and Iraq concluded the Strategic Framework Agreement, which paved the way for the complete withdrawal of American forces in late 2011 after 8 years of occupation. The agreement regulates relations between the two countries at various political, security, economic, cultural and other levels.

American forces returned to Iraq at the request of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in 2014, after the terrorist organization ISIS invaded a third of Iraq’s area in the north and west.

America came with about 60 countries under the pretext of fighting the terrorist organization, before Iraq regained all of its territory from the organization in 2017 after 3 years of war, with the help of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the rest of the security forces.

Baghdad and Washington agreed to withdraw all combat forces from the international coalition by the end of 2021, but America remains to this day and has committed many crimes against Iraqi civilians, in addition to committing dozens of assassinations that targeted the mujahideen from the national forces and voices.

In the previous parliamentary session, the Iraqi parliament voted to completely withdraw American forces from Iraqi territory, but there was no withdrawal.

During the era of the government of Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, pressure increased on this government to expel the American occupier, and the Sudanese actually demanded that the Americans withdraw from Iraq, but it seems that these calls were to calm the angry street and nothing more, despite the talk of the head of the Supreme Committee to End the Mission of the International Coalition, the Chief of Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Staff Abdul Amir Rashid Yarallah, with the continuation of consultations and the presence of seriousness in removing the occupier.

Political analyst Qasim Balshan questioned the government’s statements to remove the American occupier from Iraq, describing them as “media consumption.”

alshan told Al-Ma’louma, “Everything that is said about movements to remove American forces from Iraq is just talk for media consumption.”

He explained, “Removing these forces lies with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and not with the House of Representatives, which voted in the previous parliamentary session to remove the American occupier from Iraq.”

He pointed out, “The framework agreement signed during the era of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stipulated that the withdrawal of forces would be at an official request from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces,” noting that “Sudanese did “Do not submit this request to the American administration.”

While the head of the Presence Movement, Muhammad Abu Saida, criticized the continuation of American air sorties in Iraqi airspace and the military presence without any actual movement from the government to end the presence of these forces.

Abu Saida told Al-Maalouma, “Ain al-Assad base contains more than 1,950 American soldiers from the Marine unit and more than 4,500 soldiers inside the American embassy in central Baghdad. These forces remain and there is no movement towards removing them from Iraq.”

He added, “American forces are present in various types of military bases, as everything that is said about their exit from Iraq is just talk.”

He stated that “American aircraft continue their sorties in Iraqi airspace, to collect information and visual and audio data through special eavesdropping devices.”  link