Al-Fateh: We will not hesitate to support the Sudanese in the issue of the American exit

Al-Fateh: We will not hesitate to support the Sudanese in the issue of the American exit

The agent of the Al-Fatah Coalition, Saud Al-Saadi, affirmed today, Thursday, the help of the individuals from the Place of Delegates for the Head of the state during his impending visit to Washington for the issue of eliminating the American occupation powers.

Al-Saadi said in an explanation to the , “Albeit the Committee doesn’t know about the Sudanese visit’s timetable and what the records are, we realize that the document of the Americans’ exit from Iraq will have need,” taking note of that “the Chamber will remain behind the Sudanese’s choices and backing them.”

He added, “The Iraqi government’s endeavors to eliminate unfamiliar powers are serious, and yet they are faced by unfamiliar endeavors to hold those powers under what are called manageable key relations,” demonstrating that the essential understanding keeps Iraq in this cycle, from which Iraq has not benefited for 10 years and a half. Time.

Al-Saadi finished up by saying: The public authority should be all the more clear about the issue of the Americans’ exit so as not to take advantage of the proceeded with quiet of the American side, taking note of the extraordinary parliamentary help to safeguard the power and solidarity of Iraq.

It is accounted for that the Iraqi State leader will go to Washington on the fifteenth of the following month at the greeting of the White House, and that he will examine significant records connected with security, the economy, and equipping the military, as well as talking about the essential structure understanding, which is the most grounded American tension card to keep up with their presence.