Al-Saadi: The state order will be issued within hours to cut off the route of funds to Kurdistan


In relation to the lawsuit against the governments of Baghdad and Erbil regarding money transfers, the legal expert in charge, Muhammad Al-Saadi, stated on Monday that there is an expectation for the Federal Supreme Court to issue a state order halting the transfer of funds from Baghdad to Erbil.

Al-Saadi filed a lawsuit against the governments of Baghdad and Erbil for sending budget funds to Kurdistan, citing unconstitutionality.

According to the law, the state decision will be issued within 24 hours after the Federal Court takes up the case.

During a recent interview, he highlighted that the lawsuit was filed to prevent Baghdad from sending money to Erbil. He stated that the lawsuit will be considered in a fundamental manner after Baghdad’s response and defense before the Federal Supreme Court. He also mentioned that all government actions related to sending money are in clear violation of the constitution, which confirms that a decision in favor of Baghdad is inevitable.

The Council of Ministers has approved a loan of 2.1 trillion dinars to the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government for the current fiscal year. The loan will be disbursed in three equal installments of 700 billion dinars each, with the first installment due in September.