Al-Sudani: The government will continue its measures to reform the banking sector

Al-Sudani: The government will continue its measures to reform the banking sector

Today, on Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani reaffirmed that sovereign guarantees had been given by the government for private sector initiatives.

The reported that “the Prime Minister received a number of investors and businessmen who own medium-sized projects,” according to a statement obtained by the from Al-Sudani’s office.

“The meeting witnessed a review of the most important projects being implemented, the challenges and issues employers face, and ways to address them,” the statement continued.

“The government’s orientation towards supporting the private sector and supporting small companies” was emphasized by the prime minister during the meeting. He also mentioned “activation measures taken for the first time, including the sovereign guarantees provided by the government for projects implemented by the private sector.”

Al-Sudani declared, “These actions stem from the government’s understanding that the state’s operations cannot be controlled only by the public sector, government institutions, and reliance on the budget, oil prices, and government employment. Instead, there has to be project experience and a social awareness of the private sector. little and evolving.

In the statement, the prime minister mentioned “the challenges facing economic and financial reform in several files, as the government also continues to… Its measures to reform the banking sector.” She also mentioned “the attempts to circumvent tax reform, company registration, and customs procedures, and all of them are being addressed,” and that “the implementation of the electronic payment system faces many obstacles.”

As per the statement, “the Prime Minister discussed contracts for new residential city projects,” adding that their objective is to address the housing crisis and boost industry simultaneously. The construction sector plays a vital role in this trend by boosting local production capacity in these sectors.