Al-Sudani: We cannot rely on the budget, oil prices, and government jobs

Al-Sudani: We cannot rely on the budget, oil prices, and government jobs

On Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani emphasized the need of developing modest initiatives and gaining social knowledge of the private sector in Iraq.

This occurred during his reception with a number of businessmen and investors who own medium-sized projects, according to the Sudanese media office. They said that during the meeting, the most significant projects that are being implemented were reviewed, along with the challenges and issues that employers face and how to overcome them.

Al-Sudani made note of the government’s aim to assist small businesses and the private sector at the meeting. He also highlighted the initial steps taken in the revitalization process, such as the sovereign guarantees the government offered for projects carried out by the private sector.

According to the statement, the prime minister stated that these actions are based on the government’s vision for the state’s operations. The government believes that the private sector must be understood by society in order to manage the state’s operations, which cannot be done solely through government institutions, the public sector, the budget, oil prices, and government jobs. and gain knowledge while doing little projects.

The statement went on to say that the meeting discussed a number of issues related to the difficulties facing economic and financial reform, such as the numerous barriers to the electronic payment system’s implementation and attempts to evade tax reform, company registration, and customs procedures, all of which are being addressed. It also emphasized that the government is still working on reforming the banking sector.

In the announcement, it was stated that Al-Sudani discussed contracts for new residential city projects. He clarified that these initiatives seek to both address the housing problem and revive the industry, with the construction sector playing a supporting role in boosting local production capacity in both sectors.