Baghdad signs contract with UAE’s ARJ to build fertilizer plant

Baghdad signs contract with UAE’s ARJ to build fertilizer plant

Baghdad marked an agreement on Wednesday with UAE-based ARJ Holding LLC to construct a complicated compost plant in the city of Baiji in the northern governorate of Salah Al-Noise.

The agreement was endorsed during a service held to stamp Work Day with the support of the Iraqi State leader, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, as indicated by a proclamation delivered by the Top state leader’s Office (PMO).

The complicated compost plant is supposed to every year create 249,000 tons of perplexing phosphate manure.

The undertaking will uphold the rural area in Iraq, meet the neighborhood need for manures, and give open positions.

Complex composts contain a few significant plant supplements, where two essential supplements are in a compound blend and are typically delivered in granular structure.

In the southern Iraqi governorate of Basra, Al-Sudani opened a urea fertilizer factory and a di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer factory in March.

Iraq will save a significant amount of money that had been set aside for these requirements as a result of the opening of these fertilizer factories, which will eliminate the need for the country to import fertilizers.

The two factories are significant strategic initiatives that will increase the amount of land used for crop cultivation, meet the requirements of the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, and ensure the country’s food security.

Subsequent to going into concurrences with two global organizations, the two plants that had been idle for quite a long time were returned to activity.

The creation limit of the urea manufacturing plant is 1,000 tons each day, and the DAP industrial facility can deliver 500,000 tons each year.