Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-2-24


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 5-2-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, May 2nd  and you’re listening to the big call. Thank you satellite team for connecting everybody all over the globe. I know last Tuesday we heard that that we had to call out throughout Iraq. They were your confirmation that they got it there, and were listening. So that was kind of cool.  Of course, we think getting out to anywhere from 190 to 200 countries on every call with as many as 18 – 18 and a half million listeners. So we’re really thrilled about that.

And thank you for listening big call universe for being here. Sue’s here – Bob’s here – I’m here – and we’re ready to start a call. So let’s do this. Let’s all get into the attitude  of prayer and let’s pray the call in.

All right, we’re in the month of May  – May 2. Wow. Well, we’re here. And the good news is that I have some good news for you.  What’s, what’s happening right now and of course, we’re always basing this on modified shot gun start with our tier three bond holders that have been told they were getting their emails today and have not yet received them. So they haven’t gone yet. We haven’t gone yet.

But what we are hearing  as of today is –  first let’s talk about Iraq – Iraq is tentatively –  based on acute education we received before this morning, Eastern Time. They are tentatively going to celebrate what’s called financial inclusion – tomorrow –

Now, financial inclusion, to me sounds like they’re part of the world system again – They’re part of being a trading entity with a currency, the Iraqi dinar –  that has been revalue and is about to be put out with an international rate for everybody to see –

Now remember, we have the Iraqi dinar trading on the screens for weeks now. Or what the rates have been –  Are we know  –  we know that they’ve been  – today’s bank screens and redemption center screens are showing the currencies flickering, the rates flickering on the screens.

That means they’re changing. They’re trading up or down and they’re about to be tradable for us – so tentatively tomorrow, celebration for Financial Inclusion  to start in Iraq   That’s good news.

Then we got some other information. – And this is about what — remember we talked last Tuesday about the idea of the global takedown.

These were arrests that were occurring. I said that should take at least two or three more days. Hopefully none. But it should not affect our start. At least that’s what I was told Tuesday.

Hopefully it does not affect our start. But what’s interesting is one of the three letter agencies that begins with C was one of the ones that they are really doing their best to clean up.

This is a cleanup like I said, and President Trump is still a commander in chief CIC is doing what President Kennedy JFK had attempted to do, but was not able to complete – Trump has taken over that and is following up on that responsibility.  Still very much in the picture, and I heard I think yesterday that Arizona had overturned their election results from 2020.

( Small portion political not allowed)

The other thing I told you guys was we’re waiting for three green lights.

Green light from military, green light from the Treasury, and green light from Wells Fargo, and then the email notifications  go out and we move through  the exchanges. Well, I didn’t realize until yesterday – either I was not told – or it ws not clear to me – that the military gave the green light on Monday

So we have the Military green light –  that’s one down and two to go –  those.

We need treasury and we need Wells. And that is boom boom. Here we go  — 800 numbers received – set appointments – and then do exchange

The same person who brought that information about that timing also said in a very short text very short.  All it said was  five / four, which is May 4  which is Saturday – 5/4  “Be Ready” – and that was it –  short and sweet. What does that tell us? I don’t  know  but its telling me I better be ready on Saturday —  we got to be ready for something –

Maybe that is when everything  is unleashed –  we get the other two green lights – and these emails come out –

So  that’s what I hoping – that;s what I hope it means –  5 / 4  BE READY!!

So intel looks good –  from Iraq”s perspective –  they are going to celebrate financial inclusion – starting tomorrow – if we’re getting action on the  global  takedown – on the third day of that –  like that started early, very early Tuesday morning – and it’s now Thursday night.  So we are in it to win it – and we’re looking good  at as far as that goes. And guys, I think we are just about hopefully to hear about  the start of the emails.

Oh and the other thing about  the bond holders when they get  those emails  they will have access to 100 – 200  million dollars  of their account  – some of the bond holders  will have way more than that –  but that is their initial  amount  – maybe that 30 day  – I don’t know how many days –  but that is good news – they will have liquidity – we will have liquidity –  and as I mentioned earlier,  if we’re exchanging  – which we are –  redeeming zim  –  our Restitution and  Reclamation allowance is to be added on top of our exchange  – should be given – . Oh, by the way, here’s your R & R – They should give some  explanation for it. And this is this amount. And that’s  thrown on the pile and go on our total

 And the same thing could be true. I understand. If you’re in prosperity and getting the prosperity package that also if you’d let them know, by the way  I’m  in prosperity, they should know that about you and then be able to add that amount to your total at the time of our exchange.

So that’s  really everything I’ve got to  give you guys tonight  – there was a little piece of intel I was hoping to get  during the call that did not manifest. And there’s a little bit more tonight but  it is late tonight

So I’m gonna say we’ve got enough to say grace over – it is national prayer day – so let’s pray this call out –  with a prayer for national prayer day for all of us . Okay.

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