National Bank of Iraq uses Temenos for core banking and payments

National Bank of Iraq uses Temenos for core banking and payments

With an end goal to further develop consumer loyalty and speed up the improvement of new contributions, the Public Bank of Iraq is at present dynamic with Temenos center banking and installments.

The National Bank of Iraq (NBI) will continue to provide a wide range of secure and dependable services to its Iraqi customers, citizens, and businesses as a member of the Capital Bank Group. The monetary establishment had the option to forsake its dated framework because of the upgraded point of interaction and availability.

“This accomplishment denotes a critical achievement in our computerized change excursion and positions us as a main player in the financial business,” said Izzidin Abusalameh, Boss Tasks Official at Capital Bank Gathering. ” We have flawlessly changed the Public Bank of Iraq to a state of the art center financial framework which won’t just improve functional proficiency yet additionally support giving our clients an unrivaled computerized financial experience.”

Using the Temenos Payments solution, NBI was able to complete over 100,000 domestic, local, and international incoming and outgoing payment transactions in its first 15 days of operation. The transaction period was completed in less than a year by making use of Temenos’ pre-configured banking and payment features as well as its APIs, which were utilized to reduce the requirement for intricate customizations.

Lee Allcorn, Managing Director – Middle East & Africa at Temenos, stated, “Congratulations to National Bank of Iraq and the Capital Bank team on this successful implementation that gives NBI business agility, the same modern technology platform, and the ability to deploy quickly with pre-configured banking capabilities as the rest of the group.”

NBI offers a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses at 27 locations across Iraq.