Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 11-21-23 


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 11-21-23 

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, September 21st and you’re listening to the big call. Welcome everybody around the globe. Thank you satellite team sat team for getting the call out to as many as 20 million listeners in as many as 184 to 191 countries. We don’t know what the reach will be tonight, we never know until a day or two after the call, but it’s a good reach and thank you sat team for putting it out there.

I think we can cut to Intel now. All right, let’s do it. Let’s talk about the Intel. Now – Some days as you guys know, are light Intel days and some are heavy. Today was a light day – yesterday was a little bit right as well and I can say that the decision was made at 11 o’clock this morning, not to be open, for the redemption centers not to be open on Thanksgiving – there was some chatter that some of the redemption Center has to be we talked to wanted to be open –  but the over all majority across the country voted against opening

 Alright, so we’re not going to be open over Thanksgiving – so what does that mean for us right now – what does it say – I’ll tell you one thing that is supposed to occur tomorrow, the 22nd – Okay, we’re looking for Wednesday the 22nd. It is the 60 year anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Now – the reason I bring that up. 60 years ago, JFK was assassinated in Dallas. You guys know some of the story we don’t all of us don’t know all of the story. That is supposed to be something that could come up with more detail and accuracy as part of disclosure,

My understanding is they  plan to use the Emergency Alert System, EAS – Emergency Broadcast System, EBS – and the emergency wireless system EWS – are supposed to utilize those three as early as tomorrow For some type of disclosure.

I’m not sure what they’re going to bring out –  if they utilize them tomorrow – What are they gonna talk about ?  Could they revisit the 60 year anniversary of JFK’s assassination?  I don’t know maybe – could be – could be something political beyond that – that might not be announced – possibly.

It could be a number of things I can think of half a dozen things  I would love to be disclosed – we are being told NESARA  and GESARA are about to be announced. We know we have a USN currency that’s out and tradable.

We know the Iraqi dinar has been trading and is on the back screens at the banks – it was on the front screens of the redemption centers  – we know the bank rate  at the normal banks not the redemption center that regular banks on the dinar is 1/3 or less what it is on the redemption center screens – Front screens at the redemption centers.

So if you want to determine – you’re going to get the lowest rate possible on the dinar – Be sure not to use the 800 number – and just go to any willy nilly bank, and you’ll get the lowest rate, just over five.

Now I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I’d wait for the toll free number to come out and take advantage of a much possibly much much higher rate on the dinar – and on the dong – And of course the zim  is not even going to be  negotiated at the banks – they’re going to use at redemption centers. And then after redemption centers close – There’ll be a few tier one banks that would still work with the zim, but it’s not going to be something they want to do, because  it needs to be done in a private redemptions center setting – that is going to be a major deal.

So where are we in this thing?

You know, we know about the EBS as EAS is about to be utilized about to be brought out – some form of items could be disclosed. Would it be good cover for us. Yes. Are we going to get these numbers that we thought about today? tomorrow? Possibly – could we leapfrog over Thanksgiving, get number – set appointments and start Friday?

Yeah, that could be the case. That could happen, could it? Yeah. We don’t know that. I don’t have that – I had one source – they believed he was told that we would get this start before Thanksgiving – that’s tomorrow.

Now, could we – could we get the numbers – set our appointments – on Wednesday – could we start Wednesday? – and then drop off and start back on Friday with additional appointments? I think that’s possible also    

I think that is possible. I think it’s almost more likely if we’re too start this we would set our appointments  tomorrow for Friday. But we’ll see. I don’t know guys. I wish I could say definitively but the intel is not there.

Give an example. One of our best fond paymasters with Wells Fargo,  calls my main Intel source and asked what he was hearing – and are you hearing anything, –  this is a guy that’s connected to Reno he connected Miami –  He’s connected to Europe and Geneva – he’s well connected.  But he’s not getting the information that he normally would get  – we hear from him routinely as what is was going on with the bond holders.

We know that the admirals and generals groups – 23  admirals groups  for the last count was given the go ahead to begin to hydrate those individual accounts of the participants in the groups – paymasters all the way down to the participants.

But the participants need to be notified that their accounts have been paid into and then given some instruction on what to do next – maybe go to a Wells Fargo bank –  to get access to funds their probably  – this is my opinion and I believe the amount are great enough where they’re going to need a quantum account  – the quantum card and of course if they’re going to  also get a credit debit card to utilize on the funds just like we will when we move funds from the quantum account into our Wells Fargo primary or secondary accounts.

So that’s something that we’re not really 100% sure of, but we think they probably utilizing these quantum accounts just like we will. The difference is we’ll do our exchanges and our redemption of zim. They’ve already ponied that up years and years ago to the admiral to do that. And that’s already been done. We don’t know what the rates are gonna get. – they been told certain things, contracts for certain rates  that you know, that could all be subject to some change. We’ll see and hope for the best for them.

The point is,  those accounts – I mean, this is 23 groups and people – they are nowhere near the side of the Internet Group tier 4B – is nothing close to their size, but they’re relevant – and they are gonna receive quite a bit in their accounts and so on. But they will be notified when all of those accounts are satisfied by some form of communication we think email –  to proceed to the bank to set up those set up what they need to get access to those accounts. That’s the admirals group.

They’re waiting on the green light to access that just like the bondholders are waiting on their green light to get access to funds. How many times have I said the bondholders are going to get access to funds on such a day, such as such a date or time?

Continually just like we’re waiting bondholders are waiting – Admiral groups, groups are waiting- We’re waiting – redemption center staff is waiting.

They’ve been told this story so many times and they’ve had to go in and be ready to be on call – involved or go in whatever – be on this zoom call – be on  this phone  with treasury – or that call with HSBC. This call with Fargo and Treasury and HSBC. I mean, we’ve heard about all of these things.

Think everything is infull prep mode ready to roll.  Now what could happen – we don’t know. do not know if tomorrow is in play – Thanksgiving night  might be in play for notifications . Start of everything could be Friday. you know, we just don’t know.

This is this is a difficult for us because so much intel has been squashed in terms of the contacts. Contacts have been told to get quiet – zip it up – don’t release and info leaks – we are fortunate to get what we get –  when everything’s supposed to be quiet,

we know the Corporation of the United States is dead. US can’t print anymore USD money. We know that transactions are happening between China and other countries in their own currency – not using the USD and that’s a good thing. We want the USD to be dead –  and only a certain portion of reserves rolled into the US Treasury will be some small portion of it. But not what has happened in the past.

Same thing with the IRS, a portion of the IRS will be pooled into the US Treasury but not what we’ve had in the past because under NESARA the whole tax structure changes the whole tax structure changes and we go to the consumption tax.

And there’s a few representatives at the state level a few at the federal level that deal with a completely different income tax system whereby the federal personal income tax goes away when we go to a consumption tax, or it actually that tax is applicable on non consumable items, but not consumable items, except I understand the restaurants was still charge. I don’t know why – It’s consumable, but you tell me why.

But this NESARA should be kicking in pretty soon. And you know what, at this stage of the game, it wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t kick in until January of 2024.

Maybe just a little over a month left and this is year – Let’s see what happens. We’re still looking for and don’t have absolute confirmation on a restitutional and resolutional allowance , which we thought would be October November, December.  Then we thought Nov /Dec – But now the question is it in Nov  at all it’s one week to go with a little over a week now.

I’m not sure that I know the increase in Social Security we talked about that didn’t happen in October nor in November – would they do it in December and start it with one month to go this year. I don’t know our source for that we have not heard back from and we’ve been in Touch trying to get in touch with find out what they’re saying about it.

So there’s some things that up in the air – we have some questions we don’t have an answer for but we’re looking to get answers on that. And we’re looking to get answers on when we’re getting started for us to get our currency exchanges and redemption of Zim. Done.

Enjoy the holiday as much as you can with family – that’s a question mark I know sometimes that it’s not easy. hopefully you’ll have a good deep conversation around the dining room table and maybe bring some family up to speed on the upcoming technology  – wink wink – and also  the talk about whatever you are comfortable with in bringing some of your family up to speed on what we are looking to have change  – there is so much more than we know – having tracked this for 12 years – actually 19 on the currencies – and 12 yrs on the big call

But a lot of people are way in the dark – they’re nowhere near you know up to speed on what’s coming. and what’s coming  – I do hope we get this before Thanksgiving – that means tomorrow I hope we do get – I know you do too – I’m just not sure what they are gonna do with Thanksgiving day being a non redemption center  or a non bank day –

I just think they could do it two ways  – they could do it three ways –  they could wait until Friday for anything to happen –  they could go tomorrow give us our numbers – let us set appointments – an go starting tomorrow – I think that is a very low percentage chance –  start and stop –

I think it is possible they will let us have our numbers and we set our appointments for Friday – that’s doable – I think everybody would be  crazy but happy that we finally got the numbers – we got half the deal –  we set our appointments – boom all we got to do is to show up – be careful  and don’t let any thing happen on the way back from grandmas house –

Don’t drink over this holiday and put yourself in jeopardy, or anybody else. that is on the road – its just now wise –  

We’re in this to win – to receive what God is blessing us with and to do the right thing – to be good stewards  of the money – that’s the name of the game –

Guys, I really think – this is a question mark – is when we’re going to receive these numbers.  We have been told that we would have Christmas in November meaning having our celebration call – have Our numbers – have our appointments already been set –  our exchanges done and started. I don’t think we’re finished in the month of November – with what, eight days to go. I don’t see that.

But maybe we could. We might we could get 90% of the Zim in if we got started tomorrow or maybe Friday – maybe –  we could have probably sixty %  of it in. But they wanted it in – they want that and match – The number one thing that they want to take first.

We heard that John Q Public would start on the fourth/ fifth of December, which would be week from week from a week from Monday. So I don’t know if that’s gonna hold up or not – it could get pushed back to so we’re just gonna have to see what happens.

 Keep your eyes open  with the EAS  of EBS, EWS  supposed to kick in sometime tomorrow. We don’t know when that has on it. I hope it does. It would be cool to see what they’re gonna say on the 22nd Maybe the 60 yr assassination of JFK is here to see what happens. All right guys. That’s what got to give you tonight.

I’ll stay tuned in – sure as the world I’ll hear something strong late tonight or tomorrow, but we are not planning to have a call on Thursday. We’re not planning to have a call. Okay, so everybody,  I’ll miss you guys –  I know a lot of you will miss the call. Enjoy the time and just stay tuned –

Hopefully your emails will come through. We’re looking for the last thing that the prosperity packages are looking to have them being delivered – I have not had a confirmation of any deliveries yet. This is supposed to give us an eight hour heads up before a delivery of the prosperity package is made to your home. They are going to be sure that you will be there to receive this okay. All right now let’s go ahead and pray the call out .

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