Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-19-23


Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-19-23

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Tuesday, December 19th and you’re listening to the big call. Christmas is six days away. Wow. Welcome everybody tonight to the call. We’re excited to be here to share with you what information and intel we have.

And hopefully, you guys are all getting prepared for quite a bit to happen this week – still this week. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and pray the call in.

Let’s just go into the Intel for right now, where we are because we did get some attention in the last several days. That is pointing to a Tuesday / Wednesday start. We did not get a notification today. However, this information from this afternoon is talking about us getting notified late tonight. Which I’m going to scrub that as overnight tonight – Or by around 11 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Now if we get notified overnight with emails, my gut is in the early morning or before 11 Tomorrow, then guess what?

We hope that the redemption centers are fully staffed so that we can call the call center with the 800 number that will be in our email and then we can set our appointments quite possibly start tomorrow afternoon. Think that’s very much in play. And if we didn’t get to start tomorrow for some reason, Thursday would obviously be in play. They want this blessing to go to come to us before Christmas this year. 2023 Christmas.  That’s the goal. That’s the plan.

And I believe even though we’re only six days from Christmas I believe we still we’ll get this done this week and get the toll free numbers out to us which will be an 800 number I guess. And then we’ve all set our appointment and then about two hours later, the first appointments will be available – 30 minute appointments with 10 minutes after each appointment has the time to reset computers, reset delarue machines and get for the next person to come in.

They want to be in and out of there like yesterday, especially Zim holders, Zim holders have priority. When you call in and I don’t know exactly how it’s gonna work if it’s automated to an extent. And then you get turned over to a live person. I believe that will be the case. They’ll connect you – redirect your call redemption center that you’ve indicated by your zip code. Once your zip code is known they know Okay, let’s see where this person wants to do his or her redemption of zim and exchange of currencies.

Okay, so everything is set to go. Redemption centers are fully trained and ready, they’ve been making. Let me tell you what they’ve been doing in the last few days. Why? Like Saturday/ Sunday.

They’ve been moving our new USN into place at both redemption centers and banks.

Now here’s how it’s gonna work.

Our new USN currency – our folding new money that replaces the USD will actually go into the ATMs on New Year’s Eve night.

Let’s call it New Year’s Eve because that’s what it is. While we’re watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve or celebrating with a loved one or whatever you’re celebrating New years this year – It could be way different for them to have ever celebrated before.

While that’s happening the new USN will be going into the ATMs so that when you leave switching on and off and on change the software  – software will take care of it. So when you go if you were to go, and I’m not suggesting that we do this, but if you were to go and get some cash out of the ATM on New Year’s Day when the banks are closed, it should be there ready for you to get the new USN currency.

Otherwise, you have to wait to go into the bank on the second of January and that will be in the banks will be open after the first of January which is New Year’s Day which is a holiday. So the money will be transitioning. Starting New Year’s Day and the ATMs and on the second of January in the banks.

Now, we plan to go running into the banks to get cash after the first year, no I don’t think so. We’re going to get up to $3,000 at the redemption centers when we go in for our redemption of Zim and currency exchanges.

But they will possibly give us a mix of USD and USN notes a mix of mixture a combination of the old money and the new and the new money is going to be available as I said but the old US demons we have right now in our pockets or whatever will no longer be used after the 20th of February.

So we get to the 20th of February to get rid of all that USD when you’ve got on your mattress or in cans out in the yard or wherever you stored in USD currency – spend it – deposit it – get rid of it by the 20th of February because just the new money will be gone combination of USD and USN at the redemption center  if we want some cash, don’t get it if you don’t want  any  of us getting more than that – if you’re if you liked to have a little cash around gp ead and get some – up tp about 3,000 – now they want us to read more than 3000 bucks because they don’t want us to get picked off – or hijacked – or whatever  -you know by having cash. Too much cash.

You will have a debit card in your exchange a quantum card which you don’t use for anything but moving funds from the quantum financial system accounts into your primary or secondary Wells account.

That’s your that’s your wrap up. The USN has been traded globally for over two weeks now.

It’s been traded it’s out there okay. This is a digital format of the US in digital.

Let’s see a question about Iraq. What kind of elections? I believe it was yesterday. And they have counted their votes. It’s it’s a three day process in Iraq. For elections. It’s not a three year process like It is in the US with stolen elections and so on. But we’ll cover that later.

What else is important right now is the timing of when we’re supposed to go. I told you guys to be late, which should be I’m guessing overnight tonight. Or wake up to in the morning or get it by 11ish tomorrow before lunchtime. That’s the latest information we have is to get it done. And then we started shooting on Wednesday because to what we talked about the past one of our Social Security contacts that works in a department the same day to where they’re tired to having the wool pulled over their eyes.

So remember the information we had about October November December on for Social Security freezes and R & R. Well guess what?  January is when the Social Security increase those 62 and older that are taking Social Security but if you’re taking it now at age 62 and older, you’ll get an increase somewhere in the vicinity of about three or $4,000 increase of what you’re currently getting. It’d be good, very top Social Security recipients will be bumping 5000 – 5200 a month.

The very top that’s the oldest people, ones that made the most pay them again, etc. All right. That’s nice. We won’t put it down. But here’s the real news.

The Restitutional and reclamation  allowance as additional reclamation allowance – R & R I call it the short the R & R  is to start on the fifth of January. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be on the fifth or every but it’s going to start around the fifth and it goes through various days throughout January for 62 and older. If you’re getting Social Security will be a lump sum payment that made into your let’s call it social security bank accounts where you’re getting direct deposit, or your social, just get this R & R in say the same account.

Okay, wherever you’re getting that now, if you’re taking social and you’re 62 and older, wherever you’re getting that deposit that is first Wednesday. second Wednesday Thursday Wednesday. Wednesday, you’re increasing in Social Security will happen on your moral Social Security day. But in our in our will be on off days it will not occur on or social security payment day.

And this will be a single lump sum payment for 62 owners. and it could be exchanges if you’re a zim holder  it’s gonna seem like very small but if you’re not, it’s going to be a significant amount, especially if you’re older.

You’re 75 or 80 or eight less, you’re almost the middle age at 85. You could get a whopping chunk, The nice and nice deposit  in RNR. Now, if you’re younger, it starts at the age of 30 a 32. Let’s call it 61. that age group we believe is being handled. that may be in two different parts of the amount they’re due over two years –  H 30 to 58 /50 61.

I don’t know. No Contact wasn’t absolute about it – The latest thing that we have is we’re expecting those young people 30 To 50 to 61 to get paid to them over two years time, but paid out every month would be what payments of the amount that they’re due over two years and with the requisite that they don’t quit their current job. If they have a job and if they don’t have a job that  they get a job.

They won’t be hard to find jobs. Believe me we’ve got a lot of need for people that will work with us on our projects that will do a number of cool work opportunities so if you’re young, you’re listening to this call – think in terms of continued working. But this would be a nice piece of change to get every month for two years. Really nice.

And of course the older you are, the higher it is the younger you are the lower it is. Okay. And of course if you’re 62 and older you’re gonna get a one payment lump sum starting the week of let’s call it January 5. and beyond in January should be paid fully in January.

So this is going to be quite a 2024 New Year.

Alright, so we know roughly when we’re expecting to be notified.

We know when we expect to start exchanges. We know it’s going to be before Christmas, but that’s what we’ve been told which is 6 days away. We probably will skip over Christmas Day as far as redemption centers. I would think they’ll take that day off, and I think they’ll probably stay open  the 26 – 27 – 28 – 29 or 30th and possibly  31st of December until maybe six or eight o’clock in the night.

Probably won’t be open to 10  o’clock. but probably stay open till five or six, seven o’clock.

And then if they need If they need to which some areas will not be that long. some demographics will only be about five or six days to the open and redemption center zone.

Some areas why like Houston, Dallas, I’m gonna throw in Fort Worth but I don’t know. Houston, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Florida will have redemption centers they’ll be open 24/7 around the clock that many Zim holders in Florida, that many in Texas, that they want to make sure those guys get in there – ASAP

They really do want to get them in right away.

And that’s going to be good.

Doesn’t mean you have to go to those centers. Don’t get me wrong. There are over 7000 redemption centers throughout the United States. And I’m meaning mainly continental US.

They’ll have some in Alaska, they’ll have some in Hawaii. Don’t worry, they’ll have something there for you to do

And then of course most of us are in the upper and lower 48 states and there are redemption centers about 12 or 1300 in Canada. Oh, don’t worry Canada

Your lead bank in Canada, HSBC,  our bank – Stay side here is Wells Fargo. They will be the top dog       – in Canada it will be HSBC  working with Scotia Bank to merge with Royal Bank of Canada.

In Mexico and Latin America. You have Banco Santander, (????? Spelling) which is a tier one bank. They are top bank and also HSBC  if they apply if they’re if they’re there – generally speaking internationally HSBC is going to be your bank internationally

I cannot say that you guys that are in other parts of the world that are hearing this call are going to be using the 800 number.

Because you’re going to need to use your redemption centers as they apply or HSBC, or the larger major currency banks  who like ANZ Bank, Australia, New Zealand bank and Australia downunder just gonna have to tune into those.

I don’t even think our 800 number call centers are going to know which banks  to recommend outside of United States and Canada  – I don’t know that they would know that. And I don’t know that except to say what I just told you.  So we have to go with that.

The best rates are available only at bonafide redemption centers in the United States for United States citizens.  Highest rates are on redemption center screens NOT on the bank screens – I have told you this two or three times already. Just have to tell you again so you would know –  that I think we’re ready for the most part.

 Is this our last call question mark?  I hope so. No offense – but I really hope we get these numbers. We get started on exchanges. tomorrow or Thursday. Hopefully tomorrow. afternoon. And we basically are getting ready for Christmas. And then to do to get ready.

Let’s see. There was one other question. Yes, there was one of the questions that was brought up in the earlier part of the call.

And it was about traveling with currency – Now – Some of you are driving. Some of you are flying. Our hope is that we get exchanged before you travel for Christmas. Some  of you guys I know are traveling now or tomorrow maybe heading out – hey you  may be flying in. Whatever it is Christmas is actually on Monday Christmas Eve is Sunday.

A lot of families are having their celebrations Sunday and some are doing individual celebrations with other families on Monday. So what I highly recommend is that you plan on doing  you exchanges before you hit the road or before you fly. It is not supposed to be a problem to fly with currency but let me tell you, if you flew with a duffel bag of currency, even if it’s fully legit, even it if it’s new Iraqi dinar or even if it’s Zim or if it’s whatever it is, Venezuelan Bolivar whatever it is, you know Vietnamese  Dong whatever it is, I would probably  advise against this flying with a duffle bag of anything except dirty clothes

But really, really, I’m believing  and hoping that we have these exchanges done before Christmas. It’s theoretically – when the value of all the currencies change, and you have it in your possession you’re traveling with way more than $10,000 US worth of currency – I think TSA is aware that people have currency and are going to be exchanging but I would personally wouldn’t risk it  flying with it -If it’s larger than an envelope that envelope you put inside – You know your carry on – I certainly don’t think that I would work necessarily.

Anyway, guys, let’s just believe and get this thing done. And then you travel for Christmas because you don’t really want to travel and exchange in a foreign country that you’re not familiar with. It’s up to you guys. It’s totally up to you. You have to make that decision based on the best information and I’m hoping that we get what we’re looking for tomorrow by around 11 o’clock in the morning with numbers and get this change and it’s only 30 minutes out of your life. Get it done.

Get on get on a plane after you have your debit / credit card. You’ve got new accounts with Wells. You’ve got your sat phone,  Q-phone – your two phone if you’ve been programmed, whatever you want to do that Christmas present yourself and then read through the two pages of perks that the banks want to give us – just remember, your best rates are gonna be on the redemption center screens using 800 Number, period end of story

So listen guys that’s what  I wanted to share with you  – lets look forward to the  next couple of days – have a wonderful Merry Christmas, and maybe the best Christmas we’ve ever had –  as well as the bestr opportunity for a really joyous 2024 new year.

So lets pray the call out  –  Thank you  everybody  – Have a great weekend

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