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Gold Telegraph: China signaled to global markets that they should no longer follow the Western gold pricing standards!!!

(Part of de-dollarization.)

Did you ever hear of the Independent Treasury Act of 1920? The Independent Treasury Act of 1920 suspended the de jure (meaning “by right of legal establishment”) Treasury Department of the United States government.

Our Congress turned the Treasury Department over to a private corporation, which when seen in its true light, is a fascist monopolistic cartel, the Federal Reserve and their agents. 

Ariel Cont…..The bulk of the ownership of the Federal Reserve System, a very well-kept secret from the American Citizens, is held by these banking interests, and NONE is held by the United States Treasury: Rothschild Bank of London Rothschild Bank of Berlin Warburg Bank of Hamburg Warburg Bank of Amsterdam Lazard Brothers of Paris Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy Chase Manhattan Bank of New York Goldman, Sachs of New York Lehman Brothers of New York Kuhn Locb Bank of New York.

The Federal Reserve is at the root of most of our present statutory regulations, “laws”, in the control and regulation of virtually all aspects of human activity in the United States, through successively socialistic constructions laid upon the Commerce clause of the Constitution. Basically, the Federal Reserve is the “STATE” of the United States. Thomas Jefferson once said: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies”. 

The Gold Standard is how we undo all of this corruption.


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Militia Man   Everybody knows Iraq is about to go International and they’re going to have a digital transformation…When they have this investment budget and they start spending…Iraq is going to be filthy rich with revenue streams from the electronic borders, agriculture, tourism… mining, sulfur, phosphates…they’re going to have revenue like no other.  There isn’t anything else like it, in my lifetime, that I can see is going to trump Iraq… Don’t forget…Iraq has a massive amount of hydrogen for clean energy…nobody else is talking about it...The amount of money and revenue streams Iraq is going to have is almost incomprehensible…It really is intense on how much money these guys are going to make on a regular basis.



Tishwash:  International Monetary Fund experts praise the actions of the Central Bank of Iraq

The team of experts from the International Monetary Fund mission praised the measures taken by the Central Bank of Iraq during the current year in achieving monetary policy objectives, welcoming the progress made in terms of strengthening the domestic liquidity management framework.

This came in a statement issued by the mission at the conclusion of its visit related to Iraq, which took place in the Jordanian capital, Amman. For the period 12-17 December 2023, stressing that the policies of the Central Bank of Iraq were able to control inflation rates, which declined from the peak they reached by 7% at the beginning of the current year to reach 4% by the end of the year, with its stability expected during the coming months, due to the policy. Tight monetary policy, raising the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, and returning foreign trade financing to normal.

The Central Bank of Iraq clarifies that the monetary policy tools it adopted this year, especially increasing the policy rate from (4%) to (7.5%) and the mandatory reserve ratio from (15%) to (18%), contributed significantly to better management of local liquidity, and received attention. The International Monetary Fund mission is important in light of the current economic conditions.

This bank seeks to develop the interbank trading market with the aim of enhancing the process of transmission of the impact of monetary policy. The ongoing banking reforms and the development of the electronic payment system in coordination with the Iraqi government are among the basic requirements for providing support to revitalize the private sector and promote sustainable economic development.

The mission also praised the role of the Central Bank of Iraq for continuing to provide appropriate tools to finance foreign trade, and improving the compliance environment with requirements for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, which will contribute to achieving the objectives of monetary policy and greater financial and monetary stability in the country.

Central Bank of Iraq
Media Office,
December 20, 2023  link   

Fundamental Shifts In 2024 For Gold & US Dollar | Andy Schectman

Liberty and Finance:  12-19-2023

The Federal Reserve has been wrong on inflation for years. “You have to take a step back and look at what the biggest players in the world are doing,” says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin.

The biggest players are massively dedollarizing and buying commodities, he notes and expects this trend to continue in 2024.


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1:40 Volatility in 2024

10:24 Fundamental shifts

The Money Supply is Collapsing at Fastest Rate since Great Depression

Heresy Financial:  12-20-2023


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 0:32 How Can Money Vanish?

 3:22 How to Measure Money Supply Growth

9:26 Why the Money Supply is Shrinking