“Coffee With MarkZ” Tuesday Morning Chat 4-30-2024


Thank you MarkZ for all your time, and encouragement daily….. PDK

MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

​​Member: Good morning Mark, mods and patriots

Member: What’s up dreamers? Are we still dreaming?

Member: Ready for a new month to start …….Guess we hope for a May RV now.

Member: Could today be the day?

MZ:  I’m not looking for it today….but it’s a possibility

Member: anytime they tell u its gonna be this day ….go ahead and count on it not going

Member: Lots of stuff lined up for mid May

Member: People, don’t be that child in the back seat asking  repeatedly are we there yet/? this is annoying to the driver. Look out the window and admire the beauty. The driver knows the way

Member: But who is the driver????? Noone seems to know.

MZ: There is a lot of misinformation floating around….hard to find the real news….but there is a lot of anticipatioas  from the bond side about this week. A lot of final appointments are expected this week. Hope we final go through the finish gates.

MZ: On the banking/redemption  side they are in and working….and also out in the field. They are prepared and do not think they will have any more protocol changes to their process. So that was one beneficial update from a redemption contact.

MZ: “Russia prepares for total crypto ban as geopolitical tensions rise”  The reasons  they are  giving  is they want to support the asset backed value of the Ruble . Cryptos could derail all their efforts.  If Russia wants their sovereign currency to do well….This tells us we are close to the reset.

MZ: But remember Cryptos are kinda like Kryptonite for Central Banks.  They are not currency yet….but some will – it’s that technology.

Member: Russia says no the crypto, but brics is ready for a digital ledger financial system

Member: What about CBDC’s ,George Gammon says they are (CB) are forecasting 12 to 24 months from now.

Member: I’ll say it again. If the govt tells you to fear something, embrace it. If they tell you something is safe, RUN!

Member: Did Kuwait revalue over night?

MZ: I believe they revalued mid morning. Around 10:30 or 11:00. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.  I am confident it was daytime because the very same day it revalued…..they had ran articles in the papers  that they were not ready to RV for months. …maybe years. Then “BAM” they released it.

MZ: That’s why I warn you guys about all the smoke and mirrors…..Don’t jump off a cliff when you see stories like that.  Just wait.

Member: Strange coincidence—building across the street from 2 banks in my neighborhood “Wealth Management Services”, what are the odds?

MZ: There are too many coincidences for this not to be close- right?

Member: We are all poor, not sure why wealth management is popping up

Member: Maybe they are preparing for us to exchange? Hope so.

Member: My wife works in the operations department at a bank. And they can take no vacation time the months of May and June-because they are doing operation changes.

Member: On Recaps yesterday- i saw a recent video on youtube posted by Forbes  talking about the gold standard and it looked recent. wonder if that could be a hint we are close in main stream

MZ: It probably was recent and they are probably talking about the article that the Philidelphia Fed office released.

Member:  Mark, do you see May 8th rumor that (the WTO entrance) as a hard date that Iraq cannot go past without announcing their new rate?

MZ: I hate to give dates…but there is a good chance it could go before then.

Member: What does your gut say.

MZ: My gut is pretty mad we are not done already….but I feel that there is a good chance before the 9th of May. There is a lot expected  to happen over the next few days.

Member: I would like to know at what point does the defunct US Corporation actually die and go away?

Member: It cannot happen soon enough- imo

Membeer: If Nesara is real…..it would happen at that time .

Member: Anything new about the rate of the dong or bolivar?

MZ: I am hearing the dong rate could be in the $3+ range now. I hope this is accurate.  When  I first got in this I was hoping for .31-.36 cents. Then I was consistently told it could be in the low $2 range…which would be spot on for a reinstatement.  Now I am hearing it could be as high as $3.60 or so…..That is what I am hearing. That is what is showing on bank screens. I do not know  it’s a place holder rate….but it is showing up a lot.

Member I hate the word “soon” now. Can we use the word imminent instead?  Lol

MZ: I really hate that word as well……

Member: Buckle up buttercups the next two weeks are about to get crazy

MZ: MilitiaMan may join us this evening….


Member: Thanks Mark for being here for us….We know you are just as frustrated as we are…..I beet all the intel providers wish it was post RV right now and all this was behind us.

Member: See everyone tonight  

Member: The best is yet to come.

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