TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Tuesday 4-30-2024


CandyKisses:  Government official reveals the actual date of the start of the implementation of the development road project

 {Local: Euphrates News} The General Company for Iraqi Railways in the Ministry of Transport set early next year 2025 as a date to start the actual implementation of the “Development Road” project, after seven governorates approved its route, confirming the achievement of 66% of railway designs on this road.

The general manager of the company, Younis Khalid Al-Kaabi, said in a press statement that “the project (development road) is large and gigantic, and the Ministry of Transport is the incubator for it, both rail and land,” noting that “the project is in the process of progress in the initial designs, as the percentage reached more than 66% of railway designs, and 50% of the land road designs, and the soil investigations exceeded nearly 1,000 kilometers, with a completion rate of 89% for the areas north of Baghdad to the border, and 85% from south Baghdad to Faw.”

“The soil investigation and topographic survey teams are continuing their work, and the Italian designer continues to complete this project according to the set time, which is one of the world’s leading consulting firms,” he added.

“The General Railways Company has all the documents reviewed and approved regarding the (Development Road) project in cooperation with experts and designers in the Italian company, and communication with all the governorates through which the road passes and the ministries concerned with it,” al-Kaabi said.

Tishwash: The Iraq Stock Exchange receives the shield of the Arab Financial Markets Union in Doha

The Iraq Stock Exchange received the shield of the Arab Financial Markets Union in Doha.

A statement from the Securities Commission, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that “the Iraqi Stock Exchange participated with the Arab financial markets in the work of the meeting of the General Authority for Arab Financial Markets, and the opening of the trading session of the Qatar Stock Exchange, in addition to the annual conference of the Arab Financial Markets Federation sponsored by the Qatar Stock Exchange.” , which was hosted by the Doha Stock Exchange / State of Qatar for its 2024 edition.

He added, “He also participated in financial market discussions with financial technology experts and the future of trading in financial instruments and ongoing financial market experiences, and discussed the performance of Arab financial markets that are members of the Arab Federation AFCM and joint cooperation plans,” pointing out that “the Iraqi Stock Exchange won the position for the second year.” First in average daily trading volume for 2023 indices, and won the Arab Capital Markets Federation shield in Doha.”

He continued: “While the Saudi Tadawul market achieved the best position in the number of contracts executed and in the trading value achieved for the indicators of the year 2023,” noting that “the Egyptian Stock Exchange achieved the best return on trading and the best number of new investors for the year 2023, along with the stock exchanges of Jordan (Amman), Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi.” As the best stock exchange in ESG indicators and PE ratio.  link


Tishwash:  Budget schedules postpone the House of Representatives’ recess

The Parliamentary Finance Committee expects the general budget schedules for the year 2024 to arrive at the beginning of next May.

The tripartite budget tables need to be reviewed periodically every year, to adjust project costs and salary bills and include new projects. This means that the budget is past and does not need to be approved in full, since it was approved last year.

The 2024 budget is at a standstill between the government and the House of Representatives, despite the approval of a tripartite budget for the first time in the country’s history, and despite the fact that the Ministry of Finance sent the tables more than a month ago to the Council of Ministers, at a time when the Parliamentary Finance Committee demanded that the government send the final accounts of the previous budgets.

The Finance Committee is awaiting the arrival of the budget schedules, according to a previous statement by its Chairman, Atwan Al-Atwani, to “correct the path of the budget by maximizing non-oil revenues, encouraging the private sector, and reducing operational spending,” while the House of Representatives decided to extend its legislative term, which will end next May 9, “until it is approved.”

Budget tables.” Representative Kazem Al-Fayad told Al-Sabah: “We in the House of Representatives are waiting for the general budget that the government will send after approving its schedules,” and added, “The schedules were supposed to arrive no later than the second month of the current year.”  link


Tishwash: Al-Fateh: Washington is fighting for its continued presence inside Iraq

 On Monday, a member of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Mahmoud Marei, confirmed the falsity of the American administration regarding the issue of removing combat forces from the country after the Dutch ambassador’s statement of the continuation of the international coalition’s mission in Iraq, while he stressed that Washington is fighting for its continued presence inside Iraq.  

Mar’i said in a statement to the Al-Ma’louma Agency, “Washington continues to create crises and raise security, economic, and societal problems, to use them as an excuse to stay in Iraq,” noting that “targeting Iraqi military and security symbols is one of Washington’s malicious plans.” 

He continued, “The Iraqi Islamic Resistance’s rejection of the foreign presence is the most prominent obstacle that America has failed to overcome,” noting that “the continued foreign presence in Iraq represents the largest military operation compared to the many victories of the resistance that were achieved against them in the previous period.” 

Mari concluded his speech: “Foreign embassies work through many malicious plans that they spread within society in order to gain public opinion’s support for the military presence,” pointing out that “the United States of America is fighting for its continued presence inside Iraq.” 

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Iraq, Hans Sande, had confirmed in a statement that his country would take over the leadership of the NATO mission in Iraq in mid-May, indicating that it would be the largest in the world at the level of institutions outside the Dutch borders. 

The State of Law Coalition, in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, described the formation of joint committees to remove foreign combat forces as a blatant American game, while stressing that the exit of American forces will not take place through diplomatic means or political negotiations.  link