“Coffee With MarkZ” Wednesday Morning chat 5-8-2024


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MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good morning to all:  Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Member: There is sooo very much going on that I am shocked we haven’t gone yet

Member: it’s my understanding we’re next, it’s just a slow crawl getting here. SECURITY is what the military watching and checking for. America is the largest group of currency holders.

Member: So what is new today- Hope something great!

MZ: The crackdown has been extreme on leaks …Which is probably the best news of the day. I personally think they are trying to keep things quiet right here at the finish line.

MZ: We have had banks this week who said they would never touch it and never do it- actively training employees on the currencies that we hold to exchange. This is an exceptional thing.

MZ: There are many rumors coming out of Iraq about the World Trade Organization and the ascension of Iraq. And the budget supposedly passed . We are waiting for the verifiable news sources to print articles on that. There are a lot of positive things hitting all at once.

Member: Mark, Samson posted an article this morning with MM that Iraq joined the WTO yesterday!!

Member: If Iraq joined WTO then they would have to have tradable currency…yes?

Member: That is what we heard????

MZ: That would be big and exciting progress. …I will work on getting MM back into the house.

Member: If . Iraq joined WTO yesterday . We are hour to hour. IMO RV release is imminent

 Member: Any CMKM news?????? The bond payout you would think is passed 30 percent by now????

MZ: On CMKX- nothing Fresh . All we know is it will go at the same time as the currencies. It is tied to asset backed dollars so it could not be stolen again from us.

​​Member: Bruce big call “said all Three green lights are a go

​​Member:  Asset backed is the clue….Will it be fiat backed when we exchange or gold/asset backed?

MZ: Will we get the reset with CBDC’s or our reset with the QFS…..We very much expect it to be gold/asset backed. And also Nesara Gesara…but we don’t know for certain until we reach the finish line who won the war of competing  resets. .

Member: How will we know if we get fiat or asset backed with our exchange?

MZ: It will be all over the news. I’m sure you all will be asking your bankers if it’s a USN or fiat. If its still fiat we should be ready to move money quickly into assets.

Member: Something you can physically hold like silver, gold, and of course real estate.  

Member: Didn’t Dr.Scott say that the QFS was already in place?

Member: Gesara/Nesara? Anything in writing that verifies it’s a real thing?

Member: Lots of rumors….We all hope it’s real….everything in there is common sense and benefits the people….so the elite hate it.

MZ: We used to be able to read about it on government websites – then they scrubbed those. Most of what we see are screen shots taken from Gov. sites before they were scrubbed and removed. You used to be able to go to the Library of Congress to read how they passed it. Then they removed or scrubbed that. But there are a lot of screenshots . I read it on many of thiose sites before they scrubbed them.

MZ: Many world economists are saying the only way to reset the currencies is to wipe all debt. This is part of Nesara.Gesara.

Member: Once a rate is announced- do we just go to a bank that is Basel 3 that does foreign currency?

MZ: We are going to get distributed numbers for us. Then you can call and find out exactly which branch can handle your transaction. This is so you get credited for your exchange instantly because they did not have to send your currency off to be verified .

Member: Buying Dinars is now becoming very difficult and the price has increased significantly…. 🙂

Member: will we have cards with biometric readings or fingerprint , hand print or eye scan?

MZ: My banking contacts say if there is- they do not know about it or been trained on it. My guess is with blockcchain there are other ways to verify who you are with the QFS..

Member: 100% we need a “What If?” show. What if it’s asset backed, what if it’s still Fiat, what if only the Dinar goes, what if there’s a basket with many? VERY helpful for after to talk about the What Ifs

Member: I am getting text messages from Chase Bank almost daily, ….sales pitches but it’s kind of curious to me

MZ: Other news: “BRICS: Brace for potential International Monetary system collapse”  We may see a announcement today that Vietnam has officially joined BRICS. It is my understanding we will see it officially this week.

Member: If Iraq was smart they would dump the Us and also join BRICS…..Wish we could join.

Member: When is the best time for the reset to release?

Member: I have always thought it would go on Friday morning because it is Holy Day in Iraq!!!

Member: Charlie Ward says it will happen on a Thursday and I think when markets close on Fridays is also a good time to watch.

MZ: Tomorrow morning we will have Mr. Cottrell and Andy Schectman as guests….Will be a busy day.

Member: Thanks to all…..everyone have a great day.

Member: Happiest of birthdays to all celebrating


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