TNT – “Tidbits From TNT” Wednesday 5-8-2024


Tishwash:  A parliamentary understanding to extend the legislative term to approve the 2024 budget schedules

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ikhlas Al-Dulaimi, revealed today, Wednesday, that there is an understanding to extend the legislative term of Parliament to approve the 2024 budget schedules

Al-Dulaimi said, in an interview followed by Al-Iqtisad News, that “the current situation requires extending the current legislative term of the House of Representatives and postponing its recess for a month until the 2024 budget schedules are approved.” 

She added, “The Parliamentary Finance Committee is ready to receive the budget schedules and work on them as soon as they reach the House of Representatives.”

She continued, “The current legislative term needs to be extended to complete many important legislations for the coming period, including the budget law schedules for the fiscal year 2024.” link

Tishwash:   Parliament decided to extend the legislative term by one month

Representative Alaa Al-Haidari revealed today, Wednesday, the House of Representatives’ intention to vote tomorrow to extend the legislative term for an additional month until the current year’s budget schedules are discussed. 

Al-Haidari told Al-Maalouma, “Extending the legislative term requires a vote by members of the House of Representatives in accordance with the constitution and internal regulations.” 

He added, “The decision to extend came due to the country’s need to legislate the budget schedules for the current year according to the internal regulations of the House of Representatives.”


Tishwash:  88 projects awaiting resolution.. What will happen to the stalled laws in Parliament? – Urgent

Today, Wednesday (May 8, 2024), the Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed that there are 88 draft laws awaiting resolution, while it expected that the next legislative term will witness voting on many of them. 

Committee member Murtada Al-Saadi said in an interview with “Baghdad Today” that “the committee is continuing to follow up on the laws and their proposals, whether basic or subsidiary, by participating in them,” pointing out that “88 laws currently exist within the committee, including 15 basic laws, and the committee is working to complete them.” Its provisions will be approved to proceed to a vote. 

He added, “Many laws and their proposals were submitted to the Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, expecting that the next legislative term will witness the resolution of quite a few of them, the first and second reading of which have been completed.” 

He explained, “Some laws were withdrawn by the government, whether they had political or financial implications, awaiting their referral in accordance with the amendments it wanted in order to proceed with them.”

On (April 18, 2024), a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Representative Omid Muhammad, confirmed the presence of 150 draft laws on the table of the permanent committees of the House of Representatives .

Muhammad said in a statement to “Baghdad Today” that “his committee is following up on draft laws and their amendments proposed by the permanent committees in the House of Representatives, which amount to 150 laws so far,” adding that “controversial laws need political consensus, but the file of the presidency of the House of Representatives is in the shadow of “The failure to decide whether to vote on a candidate will reflect negatively on the issue of legislation .”

He called for “the need for the state administration coalition to take positive steps in this direction in order for the current legislative term to be fruitful in the direction of resolving many laws and their amendments .  “

He stressed “the necessity of proceeding with the legislation of controversial laws, including general amnesty, service, and others, without political consensuses that contribute to securing sufficient votes to vote on them, and this requires resolving the rest of the files in order to proceed with them,” pointing out that “resolving the People with Disabilities Law and voting on it 3 days ago represents a step.” An important task during the legislative term of the Council to resolve the rights of an important segment  link


 CandyKisses:  Iran plans to export $3 billion worth of goods to Iraq through the Mehran port

The head of customs in Ilam province, Sohrab Kamri, announced on Wednesday plans to export goods worth $ 3 billion to Iraq through the Mehran border crossing during this year.

Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency quoted Kamari as saying, “Mehran’s international border ranks ninth among the country’s 38 customs, special economic and free trade zones.”

“Last year, goods worth one billion and 177 million and 119 thousand dollars were exported through the Mehran port to Iraq, and this amount is expected to rise to 3 billion dollars during this year,” he said.

“700 cargo trucks cross these borders daily,” he said, noting that “most of the exported goods are fruits and vegetables, plastic products, cooling and heating devices, power plant products, building materials and iron tools.”


Tishwash:  Iraqi Airways is preparing to open a new line to China

The Ministry of Transport revealed the readiness of Iraqi Airlines to open an airline and flights with the Chinese capital, Beijing.

A statement from the ministry, a copy of which {Al-Furat News} received, said, “Under the supervision of the Director General of Iraqi Airways, Manaf Abdel Moneim Urgent, and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Beijing, represented by Ambassador Shorsh Khaled Saeed, the company’s office, the general agent in Beijing, organized a celebration on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of direct flights.” Between Baghdad and Kwangju.

He added, “The celebration, which was attended by a number of ambassadors, directors of the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority, heads and representatives of companies operating in Iraq, and reputable Chinese companies, witnessed several activities that reflected the ancient Iraqi and Chinese civilizations, the deepening of partnerships, friendship and cooperation between the two countries, and the encouragement of their citizens to travel via the national carrier between Iraq and China, because of the importance this line represents.” An important opportunity for all commercial and cultural activities.”

The statement pointed out that “this anniversary coincides with a time when Iraqi Airways is preparing to open its second destination to China, specifically to the capital, Beijing, where work is underway to complete all necessary requirements for operating flights between the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and the Chinese capital, Beijing, passing through Basra and Al-Fayha.”