Deputy: Disagreements hinder the passage of the oil and gas law in the current session

Oil prices are declining due to US inventories

Ghaleb Muhammad Ali, a former member of the Oil and Energy Committee, said on Wednesday that political issues and disagreements exist between Erbil and Baghdad with regard to the oil and gas legislation. He also noted that the legislation is not expected to be enacted during the current legislative session.

“The oil and gas legislation comprises a political and a technical component, as resolving the technical issues won’t resolve the political issues between Baghdad and Erbil,” stated Ali.

He stated, “The governments of Baghdad and Erbil did not reach an agreement to resolve the problems in the oil and gas law, and therefore it will not simply pass and will not be voted on during the current parliamentary session.”

He said that “the aforementioned law is not like other laws, especially since the political problems surrounding the law are large and there are judicial decisions from the Federal Court regarding control of the oil file in the region by the federal government, while the region does not consider this decision a fair decision, in addition to the presence of a decision from the Paris Court.” “The legislation will not be passed during the current session due to the significant problems surrounding the export of the region’s oil.”