Deputy: The budget schedules will arrive next week

Deputy: The budget schedules will arrive next week

Representative Mudar Al-Karawi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, stated on Tuesday that the deadlines for 2024 will be given out the following week.

“The 2024 budget schedules will reach Parliament next week according to our expectations,” stated Al-Karawi in an interview, adding that “the Finance Committee will discuss all its items during its sessions.”

“There is a vision regarding resolving many files, including Baghdad’s administrators, lecturers, and allocations,” he continued. “We aim to protect each segment’s rights within the budget schedules.

, as well as fostering great flexibility in its execution through collaboration with all pertinent stakeholders.

Notably, Parliament is waiting for the government’s 2024 schedules to review them before casting a vote on them, allowing the real implementation process to proceed.