Economist’s “News and Views” Thursday 9-21-2023


China Economic Reality Signals Global Collapse

Lynette Zang:  9-21-2023

When China experiences turbulence, it ripples through the global landscape.

What unfolds in China often foreshadows broader trends, whether it’s their CBD season or housing markets.

Hence, central banks and governments closely monitor and influence gold prices as a barometer of currency stability.

A rising gold price signals potential currency troubles, far more telling than the spot price alone.

China’s pivotal role in the global economy hasn’t materialized as expected, so let’s delve into the current situation to unveil its implications for our near-term future.


0:00 What’s Happening In China

1:58 Gold Binge

 2:32 World Comes To China

 3:56 China Fading

 5:13 Home Prices

9:02 China Property Market

 10:16 Clouding Junk Bond

13:16 Spot Gold

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Greg Mannarino:  9-21-2023

Stansberry Research:  9-20-2023

In a panel discussion with executive co-chairman and founder of Ivanhoe Mines Robert Friedland, President and CEO of the Fiore Group Frank Giustra, and mining industry veteran Pierre Lassonde, our Daniela Cambone discusses the significance of central banks accumulating gold, the imminent threat of central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”), the state of the mining industry, and inflation.

Frank acknowledges that the global monetary system could be completely reshaped moving forward and that gold “will play a role.”

Pierre echoes that sentiment, adding that, “We have a very high probability of an alternative currency to the dollar.” Plus, Frank warns that the rollout of a universal CBDC means “a loss of freedom.”

Finally, Robert predicts inflation to stay at 4% in the next five years and eventually go even higher as oil prices keep rising.

 “The Fed’s in the box because if they keep raising interest rates, they’re going to dive the economy … The real interest’s gonna increase and this favors gold.”