Economists “News and Views” Tuesday 11-14-2023


Debt Monetization: The Endgame’s Prelude | Rafi Farber

Liberty and Finance:  11-13-2023

The only solution to the U.S. debt crisis is debt monetization, says Rafi Farber of The End Game Investor. Such monetization by the Federal Reserve would signal a currency collapse, he notes.

As soon as people lose faith in the Dollar and rush to gold to get out of Dollars, the “Endgame” will be days away, he says.

Farber believes this Dollar crisis, the “Endgame,” is the only way out of the Middle East conflict, since it would halt U.S. involvement in the war.


0:00 Intro

0:56 US debt crisis

5:00 Metals selloff

 9:01 LMBA drain

11:58 Debt monetization

16:36 Banking crisis

19:54 Normalcy bias

21:40 Gold vs. silver

24:49 Rebuilding after collapse

Protect Yourself with Dual Citizenship in BRICS?

Nomad Capitalist:  11-14-2023

Are you considering dual citizenship for added security in today’s ever-changing world? Join us as we explore the concept of having multiple passports and why it could be a crucial asset in uncertain times. In this eye-opening discussion, we delve into the BRICS countries and how their role in global affairs is evolving.

Discover why it’s essential to think beyond your familiar Western options and explore the opportunities for additional citizenship in the often-overlooked parts of the world.

00:00 Start

 00:29 Common Western Perspective

2:11 Opportunities Outside the Western World.

 6:05 Different Cultures and Lifestyles

8:29 Citizenship Options within BRICS

 9:54 Expanding Beyond BRICS

11:14 The Changing Landscape and Values

14:33 The Need for Diverse Options

China’s gold holdings are 10x more than it admits, why it’s secretly hoarding gold – Dominic Frisby

Kitco News:  11-14-2023

Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Dominic Frisby, Founder of, who explains why China is secretly buying gold.

Frisby says China’s actual gold holdings are ten times larger than what is officially being reported. He discusses the weaponization of money and says that if China were to admit its real gold stash, it would equate to a declaration of war on the United States.

Frisby also weighs in on the chances of a gold-backed currency and gives his price forecasts for gold and Bitcoin.