Gas Pipeline to Kirkuk Power Station Completed

Gas Pipeline to Kirkuk Power Station Completed

The Iraq Oil Pipeline Company has recently finished a project to extend a dry gas pipeline, which is 16 inches in diameter and supplies the Kirkuk Gas Power Station from the Khor Mor fields. The pipeline is 1,050 meters long and was built in two phases. It is expected to transport an extra 100 million cubic feet of gas per day, thereby increasing the electricity production.

Ali Abdul Kareem Al-Mousawi, General Director of the Oil Pipeline Company, has reinforced the company’s dedication to executing the orders of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and the Minister of Oil. The company is committed to supporting projects related to the supply and transportation of oil products for the benefit of electricity generation facilities across all provinces.

The new pipeline diverts from the main pipeline, which runs from Jamboor Station to North Gas Company, to supply gas to the Kirkuk Gas Power Station at Tazah Station. The project involved connecting the pipeline, installing three 16-inch valves, constructing a 60-meter bridge on the main road between Kirkuk and Baghdad, and building other sub-bridges. Additionally, engineering inspections and thickness measurements were carried out along the new pipeline’s path. Al-Mousawi praised the efforts of the national workforce in completing important projects.

The implementation of the pipeline was coordinated with various organizations including the Directorate of Electricity in Kirkuk, North Gas Company, North Oil Company, and the Directorate of Traffic, Roads, Bridges, and Communications to ensure successful execution of the project.