Gas production at West Qurna to begin within six months: Prime Minister

Gas production at West Qurna to begin within six months: Prime Minister

Gas creation at the West Qurna field will start inside the following a half year, Iraq’s Top state leader Mohammad Shia al-Sudani declared on Monday as he framed a team from four services to survey Iraq’s energy document.

Al-Sudani presided over a meeting with the Ministers of Oil and Electricity to discuss the national energy strategy file and the plans of the Ministry of Electricity.

“Based on a review of the energy file and what Iraq needs at the level of produced energy and fuel energy, while at the same time ensuring sustainable financing of energy projects to prevent their delay or stoppage,” Al-Sudani instructed a task force comprised of representatives from the ministries of planning, electricity, oil, and finance, as well as the Advisory Board, to work on an urgent update to the national integrated energy strategy.

He focused “the need to consider in refreshing the procedure the mix of energy projects with one another, so that gas supply sources are accessible to work internal combustion plants upon their finish, gas transmission pipelines are accessible upon culmination of creation from oil fields, and power plants are accessible to profit from it.”

Al-Sudani said the technique ought to consider “the way that the state should take to diminish the weight of the energy document on state reserves, and coordinated that the specific group present its report on refreshing the system after meeting with the pertinent services and with the expert to the Service of Arranging, KBR Organization.”

Since gas production will begin in West Qurna within six months, “which requires working on introducing this transmission pipeline into the national gas transmission network,” the meeting discussed the decision-making process for the gas transmission pipelines produced by gas stations.