Genel Energy outlines Payments to Govts for 2023

Genel Energy outlines Payments to Govts for 2023

Genel Energy has recently distributed subtleties of its installments to legislatures for the year 2023:

Presentation and reason for arrangement

This report sets out subtleties of the installments made to state run administrations by Genel Energy plc and its auxiliary endeavors (‘Genel’) for the year finished 31 December 2023 as expected under the Revelation and Straightforwardness Rules of the UK Monetary Lead Authority (the ‘DTRs’) and as per our translation of the Business Direction gave for the UK’s Report on Installments to Legislatures Guidelines 2014, as altered in December 2015 (‘the Guidelines’). The DTRs require organizations in the UK and working in the extractives area to publically reveal installments made to states in the nations where they embrace investigation, prospection, improvement and extraction of oil and gaseous petrol stores or different materials.

This report is accessible to download at backer relations/results-reports-introductions.

State run administrations

Every one of the installments made corresponding to licenses in the Kurdistan District of Iraq (‘KRI’) have been made to the Service of Regular Assets of the Kurdistan Local Government (‘KRG’).

Creation privileges

Creation privileges are the host government’s portion of creation during the revealing time frame from projects worked by Genel. Creation privileges from projects that are not worked by Genel are not covered by this report. The figures revealed have been created on a privilege premise instead of on a liftings premise. Creation qualifications are paid in-kind and the financial worth revealed is gotten from the board’s computation of income from the field.


Eminences address sovereignties paid in-kind to state run administrations during the year for the extraction of oil. The details of the Sovereignties are depicted inside our Creation Sharing Agreements and can fluctuate from one venture to another. Sovereignties have been determined on similar barrels of oil identical premise as creation privileges.

Materiality edge

All out installments beneath £86,000 made to an administration are rejected from this report as allowed under the Guidelines.

installments to states – 2023

Country/LicenceKRI Total (1)Taq Taq (2)Sarta (3)
Production entitlement (bbls)303,607.97162,762.40140,845.57
Royalties in kind (bbls)71,094.7036,775.6034,319.10
Total (bbls)374,702.67199,538.00175,164.67
Value of production entitlements ($ million)17.8310.607.23
Value of royalties ($ million)4.152.391.76
Capacity building payments ($ million) (3)
Total ($ million)22.2713.209.07
  1. Under the lifting arrangements implemented by the KRG, the KRG takes title to crude at the wellhead and then transports it to Ceyhan in Turkey by pipeline. The crude is then sold by the KRG into the international market. All proceeds of sale are received by or on behalf of the KRG, out of which the KRG then makes payment for cost and profit oil in accordance with the PSC to Genel, in exchange for the crude delivered to the KRG. Under these arrangements, payments are in fact made by or on behalf of the KRG to Genel, rather than by Genel to the KRG. For the purposes of the reporting requirements under the Regulations however, we are required to characterise the value of the KRG’s entitlement under the PSC (for which they receive payment directly from the market) as a payment made to the KRG. Therefore, estimated value in $millions is not paid to the KRG, and is calculated to meet the reporting requirements under the regulations.
  2. The amount reported for Taq Taq is the gross payment made to the KRI by the operating company (TTOPCO), Genel’s share of these payments is equal to 55% (with the exception of capacity building payments.
  3. The amount reported for Sarta is the gross payment made to the KRI by the operating company (Genel), Genel’s share of these payments is equal to 50% (with the exception of capacity building payments).
  4. Capacity building payments reported are payments made by Genel directly to the KRI in cash as required by the PSC.