Germany announces energy projects in Iraq

Germany announces energy projects in Iraq

Along with announcing plans for energy growth and investment, German Ambassador to Iraq Christine Hohmann revealed on Thursday that efforts to construct facilities in Iraq to use associated gas were under way.

According to Hohmann, Siemens is working on a significant project in Iraq, suggesting that Germany is working on additional initiatives to grow the energy industry. She went on to say that the associated gas in Iraq is a resource that has potential applications.

The German Ambassador to Iraq stated that Germany is home to major automakers like Mercedes and BMW and that the execution of such projects need a setting with certain criteria, which may be established in Iraq at a later date.

Hohmann clarified that Germany is getting ready for projects that will make use of associated gas in Iraq, along with other plans that will be presented through agreements between German and Iraqi businesses.

The German envoy made clear that Germany is working hard to provide favorable circumstances for establishing significant projects in Iraq.