Iraqi News – American bases in Iraq are breathing their last and preparing to escape thanks to the strikes of the Iraqi Islamic resistance

Iraqi News - American bases in Iraq are breathing their last and preparing to escape thanks to the strikes of the Iraqi Islamic resistance

Ultimately, the resistance attacks against these bases in Erbil, Al-Shaddadi, and Ain Al-Assad as well as their counterparts in Syria, like the Al-Omar and Kiniko field, allowed the United States of America to capitulate to the demands of the Iraqi Islamic resistance to swiftly and unconditionally withdraw and abandon all of its military bases in Iraq.Al-Tanf as well.

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared on Thursday that the United States and Iraq had reached an agreement to dissolve the alliance and establish a phased plan for the removal of the international coalition’s “advisers” from Iraqi soil.

In an attempt to sidestep Iraqi demands for withdrawal, the US administration initially insisted that all attacks on its military bases cease before starting any talks. However, as attacks using missiles and suicide drones increased, along with the number of US soldiers dying, the US decided to abandon this demand.

Given that Iraq overlooks the mouth of the northern Gulf, it is evident that the swift and purposeful move of the Iraqi Islamic resistance is a continuation and completion of the blockade imposed by Yemeni naval forces on Israeli and American ships in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait. We do not rule out the possibility that this third stage of the blockade will extend to the Strait of Hormuz.

These exact operations are being carried out by the Islamic Resistance in its three centers—Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq—in the context of flawless coordination, both on land and at sea, and an integrated plan to strike the “head of the snake,” or the United States, which supplies the occupying state in occupied Palestine with military cover.

China is currently pleading with the United States to mediate with Iran and achieve a ceasefire agreement because the United States was unable to mobilize a sizable international coalition to “secure” navigation in the Red Sea for Israeli ships. This failure was reflected in the expansion of attacks by the Yemeni naval forces to include American civilian and military ships, and its attacks on targets deep inside Yemen were unable to stop these attacks.

While it’s true that there aren’t more than 2,500 American soldiers in Iraq, their departure marks a significant setback for the US and its clout in the Middle East following its crushing failure in Afghanistan.

We do not think the United States’ embassy, which is thought to be the largest in the world and takes up much of the Green Zone in Baghdad, will last long. The country spent approximately six trillion dollars on its war in Iraq, which resulted in 4,487 deaths and 32,000 injuries. either entirely or partially, after the reduction in American influence.

The only option left to the US is to remove its soldiers from Iraq; US President Joe Biden, one of the leading proponents of the war on Iraq, will be fortunate if this “humiliating” pullout goes as planned rather than being disorderly and embarrassing like the pullout from Kabul.

The language of force is the only one that the American leadership can comprehend, and it appears that the Iraqi resistance has chosen to employ it widely after the Iraqi governments were unable to carry out any diplomatic efforts to carry out Parliament’s decision to dismantle and remove all American military bases on Iraqi soil and terminate this presence, which goes against the most basic of principles. sovereignty of the nation.

The magnificent Iraq is decisively regaining control over the Middle East and the Arab world, and it is obvious that this comeback will result in the end of colonialism on its territory. and here are the remaining days.