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The BRICS Nations are creating a common digital payment platform.

“Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that BRICS nations have already established a special channel for information exchange between their central banks”

They have completed a messaging system that already talks back and forth to the central banks of these countries.

This information is secured and ensures payment capabilities on both sides of a trade.

All they have left to complete is an agreement on what stablecoin they will use to complete their settlement transactions.


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“After ON RRPs go to zero, reserves will decline, further reducing the Fed’s interest expenses and losses. But it’s not straightforward.”

This is why we are transitioning into a Basel 3 requirement regimen and the reason for our movement from Libor (interest gains agreement) contracts to SOFR (gold gains agreement) contracts in overnight repo Market repurchase agreements.

SOFR contracts are currently our liquidity for overnight banking purchasing opportunities going forward.

“The U.S. is effectively in an abundant reserves situation now, but the Fed’s stated policy is to move to an ample reserves regime.”

In other words, banks are holding far more reserves than necessary to meet legal requirements for liquidity buffers. This is known as the abundant reserves regime.

When we witness a change in our monetary policy towards an ample reserves regimen for the banking system, a monetary policy shift will occur. Interest rates will be lowered, and the price of gold will rise to fulfill debt obligations.

This shift will lock in a new connection between our banking system and the markets. We will have a secured loan collateral regimen that will ensure both sides of a transaction are capable of doing so inside a new digital asset-based trading system.

This will usher in clearance to operate inside a new digital asset-based trading system whereby gold held inside our banking system will enable us to move into a new regulated tokenized asset economy.

Look for MICA crypto regulations to move inside the Global Economy giving a structured framework under a digital Gold Standard Protocol.

A new economy determined by the people and for the people. “All roads lead to gold, and ‘digital gold’ will set us free.”

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Brookings Edu
Wolf Street
NY Fed
US Debt Clock


Today’s articles reflect measurement mechanisms used to determine new values in an economy. This is where we are in the process of moving to our new digital economy.

As we have reviewed before, this is part of the Credit Valuation Adjustment measurements needed to determine new rates of Exchange on all sectors of the market.

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Treasury International Capital Data for February | U.S. Department of the Treasury


The member of the parliamentary finance pointed out that “the government and the central bank seek to strengthen and increase the classification of civil banks,” noting “the intention of banks to enter into correspondence and foreign transfers.”

Here, Iraq is telling us that they are taking steps to move into doing foreign currency exchanges inside their banking system locally and Internationally.

The article goes on to say that they did not know for sure when this would take place, but they are taking steps currently towards this end.

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“The foreign exchange (FX) auction is a monetary policy instrument through which the National Bank sells or buys foreign currency on the interbank FX market.”

Iraq is currently moving away from the buying and selling of their currency through currency auctions to a foreign currency exchange regimen through their banking system.

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National Bank of Georgia


Bitcoin Halving Announcement:

“Mechanically, the halving itself shouldn’t affect the price of bitcoin in the short term, but many investors are expecting big gains in the months ahead, based on the cryptocurrency’s performance after previous halvings.”

The event took place rather smoothly last night. No glitches happened inside the system.

Going forward, this will make Bitcoin harder to mine and more scarce. It will begin to raise the price of cryptocurrencies across all sectors.

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