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Tishwash:  Iraq officially joins the Singapore Trade Agreement

 The United Nations mission, UNAMI, said on Friday that Iraq officially signed the Singapore Agreement on Mediation, which is an “important” step towards developing the resolution of trade disputes in Iraq.

The Singapore Mediation Convention is a standardized and effective framework for international settlement agreements resulting from mediation, which parties conclude to resolve a commercial dispute.

The Singapore Agreement will facilitate international trade by enabling disputing parties to easily enforce and recall settlement agreements across borders.

Companies will benefit from mediation as an additional option to litigation and arbitration in resolving cross-border disputes.  link

CandyKisses:  Iraq is the fourth Arab with the highest growing economies in the world in 2025

Economy News – Baghdad

International Monetary Fund data predicted on Saturday that Iraq will rank fourth in the world’s fourth-highest growing Arab economies in 2025.

In a report followed by NRT Arabia, the IMF said that the global economy is likely to continue to grow at a rate of 3.2% in the years 2024 and 2025, and Saudi Arabia is expected to be among the Arab countries that are witnessing positive growth during that period.

With expectations of an increase in economic growth, the International Monetary Report reflects optimism about Arab and global economies in general, and that Saudi Arabia may be at the forefront of Arab countries in terms of economic growth in the coming years.

According to the IMF report, Saudi Arabia topped the Arab countries in terms of economic growth rate in 2025, with a growth of 6 percentage points, followed by Mauritania with an expected growth rate of 5.5 percentage points, followed by Sudan with an expected growth rate of 5.4 percentage points, and Iraq came fourth with an expected rise of 1.3 percentage points to reach a growth rate of 5.3 percentage points.

Egypt came fifth in terms of economic growth rate for 2025, with an expected growth of 4.4 percentage points, followed by the UAE with an expected growth of 4.2 percentage points, followed by Kuwait with an expected growth of 3.8 percentage points, Morocco with an expected growth of 3.3 percentage points, Bahrain came ninth with an expected growth of 3.2 percentage points, followed by Algeria with an expected growth rate of 3.1 percentage points.

In 11th place, Oman came with an expected growth of 3.1 percentage points, followed by Jordan with an expected growth of 3 percentage points, followed by Qatar with an expected growth rate of 2 points, and Tunisia in last place with an expected growth of 1.8 percentage points.


Tishwash:  It’s at the end 1:28 ish- but this is the transcript of it …..the last question it’s at about 1:28 an hour and 28 minute mark

Iraq’s prime minister on building a stronger relationship with the United States (Atlantic Council) RV Question Answer

Question: is the government thinking of reevaluating the dinar and um readjusting the value of  the dinar due to the current uh circumstances in the market or do you see it to stay the same

Answer: this policy actually is dictated by the central bank and uh the government  abides by what the bank decides, right now I believe we are in the best status that we could be in and we have actually had an assessment which has given lot much trust higher trust at a higher level from different uh Global parties. so we started reforms when it comes to the banking sector  and when we  spoke about that before but this is going to actually raise  the level of or the value of the Iraqi dinar and there is actually a policy that is a consistent policy that  the central bank is using when it comes to Investments and how they invest the money for you know our own   reserves here in Iraq of course there are so many different topics that we could speak about