Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 1-8-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 1-8-24

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Banking Announcement:

“India Launches UPI Block Facility for Stock Market Trades”

Since January the 1st, 2024, India has started a UPI block trade facility allowing a pilot program to test the ability of professional investors to hold their Secondary Market (ie foreign currency is one of them) investments inside the Banking System instead of going through a Broker.

This will allow seamless trading to go on between the investor and the stock market coordinating faster transactions through the ability to hold money or foreign currency inside a banking account. This is expected to increase profitability and security for investors.

After this beta testing, it will begin to make its move into the retail investor markets. Right now, a select group of investors are being tested.  BusinessOutlookIndia Link

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Central banks go for gold in bold move to safeguard dollar

“In a world where economic chess is the game, central banks have made a power play, amassing a record-breaking 374.1 tons of gold in 2023.”

In an age whereby local currencies are beginning to be utilized instead of the dollar, the need to support these new currencies that have not been in the game for some time is clearly evident.

With the formation of the BRICS Nations, this Gold Rush will support new currencies that have not been utilized for some time and protect the dollar from being overtaken by these new competitive currencies around the world occupying places of payment the dollar used to dominate.

We are truly living in a world whereby the one true currency is emerging onto the international stage to level the playing field. It is the new anchor for our currencies and financial systems going forward.

All roads lead to gold and gold will set us free.  Cryptopolitan Link

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Consultation on legislative proposal to implement regulatory regime for stablecoin issuers and announcement on introduction of sandbox arrangement

Stablecoins, which represent a country’s currencies, is finally being tested inside the QFS. This process being tested in a sandbox or a group of financial systems will enable movement forward in our tokenized currency assets supported by gold. This will begin giving real value to our paper currencies.

Pilot programs have a period of time for testing before implementation. We can now begin looking for regulation of global currencies to begin through this study and eventual final guidance for its entrance into the Global Markets.  Hong Kong Monetary Authority Link

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Most people on this venture do not realize what’s really going on at this point. Did you know you are sitting on a gold mine?

Every currency that you hold from around the world is about to be turned into gold and it holds a value at a fixed rate.

Watch what happens this month as certain transitional events will begin the process of turning everything that has an asset value to one that is based on its worth in gold.

* January 10th spot Bitcoin ETF

* January 16th Basel 3 final rule implementation

* Protocol 20 begins the process of tokenized assets joining networks from around the world in three phases

Literally, everything is about to be worth its weight in gold.

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Bitcoin ETF Approval Inches Closer With Exchange Filings  WSJ Link


Likelihood Of Spot XRP ETF In View Amid Grayscale’s Latest Move and Ripple’s Big Win Against SEC 

Grayscale Investments, a major U.S. digital asset management firm, has reintroduced XRP to its Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC), hinting at potential developments related to an XRP Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF).

The digital asset investment firm shared the news on January 5 alongside news of quarterly rebalancing in various Grayscale investment products through a press release. This update highlighted adjustments in their investment portfolios.   ZY Crypto Link


UK crypto exchanges embrace regulatory changes to promote responsible trading  CryptoPolitan Link


JUST IN: Standard Charter Bank says Bitcoin could reach $200,000 by end of 2025 if Spot ETFs are approved.   @WatcherGuru


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