Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 10-2-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Monday Evening 10-2-23

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“The digital currency has been up nearly 70 percent since the start of 2021, driving the entire crypto market to a combined $2 trillion in value.”   

It has been the stablecoins that have created a great deal of attention in finalizing the crypto regulation space.  We already know that the SEC will govern the Securities coins and the CFTC will govern the coins considered as commodities.  In this final phase of development within a regulatory framework, the same rules that apply to the dollar are expected to be applied to the crypto space.

The growth and use of these coins going forward will increase the adoption phase to a point of solid values can be formed.

It looks like we are about to witness digital currencies move to real values as we upgrade to Protocol 20 in the banking system by the end of this month, and into, November.

In the month of November and going forward, we should start seeing new values in the Crypto Market due to a higher demand for them.

Assuming all regulatory rules are finalized and approved, these new values will begin to create price pressures on the assets they represent and the commodity market that supports them.

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“The Gold-Backed Digital Tokens (GBDT) will be used for transactional purposes only in order to ease payments.”

Zimbabwe’s new gold back digital tokens will be utilized for payment services alongside everyday use of their local currency.

This is a gradual move toward the retail sector from wholesale markets. Either way, the introduction of a gold backed currency inside the local Currency Market of Zimbabwe will have its effects.

It is important to watch the development of supply and demand in this area of the country for these tokens running alongside the local currency of Zimbabwe.

A move into a stable “real” value coin because of the supporting nature of gold will cause a fluctuation in price for the local currency over time.

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OpenTrade adds to the growing momentum around tokenizing real-world assets, enabling secured lending against treasury bills using USDC, allowing lenders to accrue returns and operate completely on-chain without modifying their existing wallets or custodians. The release of this product echoes the growing interest in tokenizing real-world assets – today, the tokenized Treasuries market stands at a staggering $668 million, which is a sixfold increase from the start of 2023.


TEHRAN, Sep. 30 (MNA) – With Iran’s membership in the BRICS, it will be possible for the country to use the group’s “BRICS Pay” electronic banking communication system instead of the SWIFT system, the Iranian parliament speaker says.



“Singapore Court Rules Against JPMorgan in Trade Sanctions Lawsuit.

The Court of Appeal ruled that JPMorgan’s use of a sanctions clause to withhold payment on letters of credit was not contractually justified.”

It looks like we have a transfer of power taking place inside a level playing field system.


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Our Republic can be easily seen in the new categories

The NEW categories say “USA” instead of “US”

“US” is the Corporate US Government

“USA” is our Republic

The NEW “USA TREASURY DOLLARS 2025” has a map of our Nation next to the header. Zoom in!
Our Republic is outlined in Gold.

The US M2 MONEY SUPPLY NOW is decreasing rapidly. This category has a pyramid and Federal Reserve Dollars in the background so we know it’s the Illuminati and Foreign Elite.
They’re losing their money

However, the NEW category of  US M2 $ TO USA $ RATIO NOW is  ….… 1 7 7 6 !

Haha! Hysterical!


Unleashing the Future: Advancements in Fintech Technology

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~~~~~~~~~, one of the industry’s leading digital asset custodians, is pleased to announce an enhancement to its existing integration with Stellar, a decentralized, open-source blockchain network designed to connect financial systems and democratize economic participation.

This enhancement allows institutional clients to trade an even broader range of tokens on the Stellar blockchain, including Stellar USDC.

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BRICS Vision 2030: Dominate Oil, Accumulate Gold & Suffocate US Dollar


In view of the presence of a number of headquarters of exchange companies under the two categories ( A , B ) and their branches on floors inside buildings, and for the purpose of ensuring that customers can identify their companies, it was decided to give them a period of (6 ) working months for the purpose of moving the headquarters of their companies to headquarters that suit the nature of their activity, and to provide the services that They require that they be in known, easily accessible locations.


Chase closes down more branches than any US bank and will shut down four more in October after 3,000 industry closures

The US Sun 


Bitcoin Lightning: The Future Of Offline Peer-To-Peer Cash?
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For the last decade, a great deal of money has gone into the crypto space. When Protocol 20 tokenizes all of our assets through this current upgrade of the banking system, the activation of these networks will give money to the banking system it has lost for the last 10 years as investors have hidden their money in decentralized systems.

In a real way, Central Banks had to make a move into a decentralized digital asset-based trading system to survive.

The merging of money from the traditional banking system and the new digital banking system money will reset the economy. It will give new life to assets on the market drying up with liquidity, and set, a real value to the price of gold.

These three sectors of the market will work in unison to sustain new innovative ways of approaching a payment system that has long been outdated.

Look for third-party payment systems/apps ie US Debt Clock and more begin to form new price values with these new digital mechanisms to enhance their ability to give on-the-spot readings of the market as they are happening.

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👆 This includes third-party apps like and others.


  An Overview of H.R. 4766, Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act  



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