Monday Evening News with MarkZ 10-2-2023


Monday Evening News with MarkZ

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: RV there yet?

Member:  We’re almost there everyone. Hang on

Member:  Really hoping that MarkZ has heard amazing news to share with us this afternoon!

Member: Nader had good news this morning

MZ:  Hearing some pretty interesting stuff…including  confirmations from banks  on what Nader was talking about. This comes from different sources and you guys who talked to your banks. It is getting exciting. Nader has been dropping some heavy artillery on us. He is doing excellent work….be sure to listen, follow him and subscribe.

MZ:   He said Banks working on currencies all over the world. I have heard a number of different figures on all the bank screen populations we have. Looking at the number of banks Nader talks about showing on the screens….This is factual.

MZ: A number of you folks have reached out to tell me what’s happening on your foreign currency screens.  This is verified.

MZ: From a number of different banks…from regional banks to the big boys…..they are showing far more currencies now on bank screens. Pretty much all of the ones (but Zimbabwe0 that we are looking for. Many of the foreign currencies that we have been look for and talking about are now showing on bank screens. This came after the weekend forex updates.

MZ: We believe this is fantastic news. As a matter of fact I had a number of bankers reach out …ones that had always questioned and doubted me….saying they think I am right and this is about to go. I am getting excited about this …even though we don’t know the exact timing.

Member: Could it be this week????

MZ: Absolutely

MZ: We are still looking for announcements out of Iraq on the 3rd or the 4th….most likely the 4th.

MZ: Nader did another one today…..talking about a “magical” solution to high dollar exchange rates….they are about to execute the magical solution to the exchange rates.

Member: Frank26 is saying its already done because they had to guarantee contracts with the new rate.

MZ: I have contractors over there who believe it’s all decided on as they had to guarantee their contracts as well. So I agree with him

MZ: Do not worry about the Zim not being on screens yet. Zimbabwe is still making some changes. Zim currency and Zim bonds will be handled in totally different ways through totally different pots of money so do not worry about that.

Member:  Y’all see Zimbabwe has let out they have introduced the ZIg Zimbabwe gold. it’s in the news so. Let’s go

Member:  Iraq has now shown all the worldwide currencies it is the first.

Member:  Saw post on bank there were 209 currencies and showing dong, bolivar, and dinar…updated today!

Member: Is it possible that Iraq can continue on without changing the rate?

MZ: No, not really.

Membr: Can they join the WTO without changing the rate?

MZ: Theoretically yes….but it would wound them on the international scene. It would not make financial sense to do that though.

Member:  Tomorrow is Iraq’s huge celebration day – their Independence Day! Hope they have something to really celebrate about!!!

MZ: This is a a good one “Top BRICS oil producer ditches US dollar and only accepts local currencies”  We are seeing more and more of these articles. Iran is also now on board with that. They have replaced SWIFT with BRICS pay.

MZ: So would Iraq consider doing this? They have already expressed interest. They have already expressed their distrust of the US and them controlling their dollars. So I think this may be a big one to watch.

Member:  In Arlington TX a Chase bank was turning down deposits and not allowing withdrawals.

Member:  I went to my Chase Bank in California and could not get a Cashier’s check due to worldwide issues with their computers.

Member:  Mark went to my Chase, asked our banker if she’d been trained yet on the new QFS and the RV and she said no with a funny look on her face. Then she handed me a Chase preferred client sheet, Hmmm.

Member:  All of NY state is going to have a state wide Emergency Allert Broadcast, this Wednesday after 2pm.

Member: Anything new on if we will have to pay taxes on this exchange?

Member I have exchanged currencies all over the world and have never been taxed on it.

MZ: And this should be no different …I am still hearing we will not be taxed on this exchange…BUT, am prepared in case we are…..

Member:  ty mark mods family love and light to all

Member: See everyone in the morning.



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