Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday AM 11-28-23


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday AM 11-28-23

Good morning ,

The banking crisis of 2024 will lead to the tokenization of banking assets and the consolidation of banking systems.

Banks that survive this crash will move forward under the new digital asset based trading system.

The BIS, World Bank, and the IMF have been working on the concept of tokenized assets for some time, and they have stated that their intention is to utilize these tokenized assets with countries around the world and especially with those less fortunate.

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We have commodities catching a strong bid as many countries deal with serious debt problems.

In other words,

Countries are prioritizing hard assets as the illusion of paper assets breaks.

This has been the thesis for years.

Let’s see what happens.



It is the tokenization of our old traditional assets that will give new value to the digital asset-based trading system.

Our new digitized economy will synchronize our markets and banking system together utilizing gold and other commodities to support real values.

Forex is part of this digital upgrade. This is why Protocol 20 is very important. It will begin the process of moving our new digital asset tokens into real standard protocols and values.

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