Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 2-21-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Wednesday Evening 2-21-24

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Trading Announcement:

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has finally approved the following proposed rules:

“Proposed Rule: Regulations to Address Margin Adequacy and to Account for the Treatment of Separate Accounts by Futures Commission Merchants

Proposed Rule: Foreign Boards of Trade

Proposed Rule: Requirements for Designated Contract Markets and Swap Execution Facilities Regarding Governance and the Mitigation of Conflicts of Interest Impacting Market Regulation Functions”

These proposed rules can now go into effect. As you can see, the first one deals with the ability to collateralize and cover swaps getting ready to take place. The second one deals with foreign market exchange guidelines. And the last one, deals with guidelines and requirements that governs swap exchanges and executions such as foreign currency exchanges.

Even though Forex is excluded from many of these guidelines, foreign currency exchanges are subject to reporting rules and the guidelines that govern swap executions taking place with the CFTC. CFTC

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The CFTC is extending their comment period for the Proposed Rule on Operational Resilience Framework.

Protocol 20 is bringing in new price patterns and new adjustments to a new trading system. These comments will reflect changes needed to take place in making our transition into the new digital economy. These comments will be taken into account and put forth into new operational risk frameworks.

Operational risk assessments include the following: measurement methodologies, policies, procedures, processes for mitigating, controlling, monitoring, and reporting of operational risks.

Below is the announcement that will give us a timeline for these new adjustments to be discussed and implemented.

Washington, D.C. — “The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today announced it is extending the public comment period for a proposed rule requiring an Operational Resilience Framework for Futures Commission Merchants, Swap Dealers, and Major Swap Participants. The deadline is extended to April 1, 2024.”   CFTC

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What is Operational Resilience? | LogicGate Risk Cloud


CFTC Welcomes Standardized Approaches to Assessing Cybersecurity Preparedness | Nat Law Review


(Reuters) – Copper and gold are expected to see the largest immediate price boost in the commodities sector from potential U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate cuts, analysts at Goldman Sachs said.

“The immediate price boost from a Fed driven 100 basis point decline in U.S. 2-year rates is the largest for metals, especially copper (6%), and then gold (3%), followed by oil (3%),” Goldman Sachs said in a note dated Feb. 20.

Three-month copper on the London Metal Exchange was trading near a three-week high of $8,548 per metric ton as of 0542 GMT on Wednesday, while spot gold was at a near two-week high at $2,030.30 per ounce. [MET/L] [GOL/]   Money US News


Do you see how the movement into the digital asset-based trading system is being layered into one another?

When the FED begins to lower interest rates, it is expected to boost copper and gold the most. These particular metals are now apart of our new tokenized assets.

These changes will go a long way in adding value to our new real world assets.   US News

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War is going to put price pressures on our Commodity Market, and it can lead to higher prices in the metals.

Our precious metals have been subdued and controlled for so long many of our assets have been locked into certain price patterns with momentum pressure in the marketplace.

A war will allow our assets across all Market sectors to be shaken up with new price patterns due to volatility. New tokenized assets will also play their part in shifting some of these price pressures into new directions.

As we reset the market with Protocol 20, new price patterns can come into play with real-world assets governed by new policies and procedures that will reflect lasting change.  Baird Wealth

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I’m aware that a lot of rumors will begin to surface on this March the 2nd date, I can hear the keystrokes of our gurus already typing out new stories surrounding this date from around the world.

Assumptions are made, but no one knows for sure until we get to that date exactly what they’re going to do say. No one person can predict the future, the RV date will be revealed through new Market support patterns. Bretton Woods will make an announcement when everything has moved into new values.

A lot of people have been brainwashed into the constant beating into their heads of looking at the markets through the eyes of a date and rate. It doesn’t happen that way.

Believe me, the revaluation process will be a part of that meeting. Meetings like these are always about creating new values that can benefit the Global Economy.

Just sit tight, and enjoy the process. Europe still needs to bring out their MICA regulations for stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. My understanding is that these are mandated to be done by the end of May – just before their elections.

If you have your money in iso digital tokens, you are sitting in a good place. For those who have their investments only in paper money, you are going to have to wait until those tokenized assets begin to show reasons to change your currencies’ values.



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