Economist’s “News and Views” Wednesday 2-21-2024


Creature from Jekyll Island Author: Fed’s Digital Money Will Turn Us Into Zombies | Official Trailer

Daniela Cambone:  2-21-2024

In a compelling conversation, Daniela Cambone engages with G. Edward Griffin, renowned author of The Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University, covering an array of critical topics including the banking crisis, the U.S. economy, the Fed, and even the quest for a cure for cancer.

Stay tuned for the full interview on 2.21.24.

LIVE! Insiders Are Selling Off BILLIONS OF DOLLARS In Stocks. What Do They Know That YOU DON’T?

Greg Mannarino:  2-21-2024

‘Big Rally’ Could Last Until May, Then Markets Turn ‘Ugly’ | Chris Vermeulen

David Lin:  2-21-2024

Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist of The Technical, discusses the direction of the stock markets, as well as correction indicators to watch.

0:00 – Intro

1:26 – Market performance overview

 6:30 – This time vs. 2008

10:00 – Exit strategy

13:46 – VIX

18:49 – Gold

31:30 – U.S. dollar