Increasing trade exchange at the “Sumar-Mandali” crossing by 10%

Increasing trade exchange at the “Sumar-Mandali” crossing by 10%

A government official announced on Sunday that trade exchange at the Sumar-Mandali border crossing, located east of Diyala, had increased by 10%.

The trade exchange rate at the Sumar-Mandali border crossing with Iran increased by 10% in recent weeks, according to Mazen Al-Khuzaie, the Mayor of Mandali District Agency located 90 km east of Baqubah.

“This increase in trade exchange can be attributed to four direct reasons. The first is the improved facilities at the crossing. The second reason is the stable security conditions on the roads leading to it. Thirdly, there has been a rise in the number of merchants and companies utilizing the crossing to transport their goods, due to its proximity to Baghdad and other provinces. And finally, the crossing’s location has made it more accessible and convenient for traders.”

According to him, the border crossing was not affected by the floods that occurred last weekend. He emphasized that the import of construction materials takes precedence over the meaning of foodstuffs and other agricultural products, which are allowed based on the government’s schedule.

The Sumar-Mandali border crossing, designated exclusively for commercial exchange, is an important crossing located east of Diyala.