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Clare:  Association of Banks: Agreements with Türkiye will lead to lowering the dollar exchange rate


The Iraqi Private Banks Association confirmed that the agreements with Turkey will lead to reducing the dollar exchange rate and increasing citizen confidence in the dinar.

The head of the Iraqi Private Banks Association, Wadih Al-Handal, said on his Facebook page, followed by Al-Iqtisad News, “We discussed with the Turkish Central Bank and all of Turkey’s banks the reorganization of trade financing between Iraq and Turkey, using the Iraqi dinar, the Turkish lira, and the euro.”

Al-Handal stressed, “The agreements with Turkey will lead to reducing the dollar exchange rate and increasing citizen confidence in the dinar.”   LINK

Clare:  Al-Sudani will travel to London soon.. The agenda of the visit is present in the meeting with the British Ambassador


The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, discussed with the British Ambassador in Baghdad, Stephen Hitchen, on Sunday, the upcoming visit to the United Kingdom.

According to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, the meeting between the Sudanese and the British ambassador discussed relations between the two countries and ways to develop them in various fields, especially political and economic.

The meeting also touched on the Prime Minister’s upcoming visit to the United Kingdom, and the most prominent common files and topics that will be discussed during the visit, in a way that will contribute to its success.

Al-Sudani stressed, according to the statement, the need to intensify the efforts of all countries, specifically European countries. In order to stabilize the region, and work to achieve peace and security for all its people.   LINK


Clcare:  “The future of Iraq” is on the conference table in Dubai.. These are its details


Gulf Today newspaper revealed, on Sunday, the details of a major conference that will be held in Dubai on December 7, with the aim of strengthening economic partnerships between Iraq and the Emirates, and pushing towards achieving transformation in the Iraqi economy.

A report published in the English newspaper, and translated by Shafaq News Agency, quoted the “Iraqi-British Business Council” (IBBC) indicating that trade exchange between the UAE and Iraq witnessed significant growth exceeding 60% last year, which confirms the sustainability of economic relations between the two countries. .

The report noted that the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, will deliver a welcome speech on the second day of the conference dedicated to “building a sustainable future,” which will open on December 7 and last for two days.

He explained that the “Iraqi-British Business Council” conference in 2022 sparked positive reactions from 230 delegates, which led to an increase in membership by 15%.

The report continued that the Council seeks at this year’s conference to achieve the same number of delegates who will meet to deliberate on topics such as “Education and Training in Iraq” and “Building a Sustainable Future.”

The report also quoted the Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Saleh, as saying, “It is a great honor to join our friends from Iraq and the Iraqi-British Business Council, to discuss joint efforts to assist the country in the reconstruction process,” adding, “Iraq He suffered a lot, but he has tremendous potential and capabilities to contribute a lot to the world.”

Al-Saleh continued: “The Business Council brought together companies working in the field of business and trade from all over the world for the benefit of Iraq and the members of the Council,” adding: “While the Iraqi-British Business Council is committed to a free, prosperous and diverse Iraq, it works as a bridge between Iraq and the rest of the world and connects governments and the private sector from In order to ultimately benefit businessmen, industry and the people of Iraq.”

Al-Saleh praised the Business Council and its leadership for organizing this platform for better communication, expressing his full support for its mission of “enabling the transfer of technology, infrastructure and expertise to Iraq to enhance its growth and development.”

The Council considered that “the significant growth in trade between Iraq and the UAE, which exceeded 60% last year, confirms the permanent economic relations between the two countries,” adding that this conference also confirms the position of the UAE as the main commercial center for Iraq, and displays the growing role of the state in Facilitating international cooperation.

The report stated, “The UAE has tremendous potential for investment in Iraq and for companies operating there, without the need for administrative and bureaucratic jobs that can be found in Iraq.”

The report also quoted the Director General of the Business Council, Christophe Michels, as saying, “By defending the private sector in Iraq, the UAE is considered an ideal place due to its role as a regional center, linking international companies to Iraq.”

The Gulf Today newspaper report noted that the two-day conference is being held at a critical juncture, and addresses pivotal issues such as economic sustainability, education, financing and climate change, while the Business Council expects a shift in education and sustainability in Iraq, with a focus on increasing skills training and industrial cooperation. .

In addition, the conference will address sustainability through gas exploitation and financing strategies to support investments beyond oil price fluctuations, according to the newspaper report.

According to the report, Member of the British Parliament, Wayne David, who is the Shadow Minister for Middle Eastern Affairs, will speak before the conference about Britain’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Energy bodies and companies, including Total Energies, BP, Basra Gas Company and Siemens, will participate in the conference, and there will be discussions on financial reform with industry leaders such as the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank and the President of the Commercial Bank of Iraq.

According to the report, there will be participation by senior representatives of British universities, high-level representatives from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, and the Prime Minister’s Office. Translated by: Shafaq News Agency LINK


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Militia Man  The last two weeks what did they doThey [countries around the world] opened ‘corresponding banks’ with Iraq.  To do whatTo facilitate trade.  Through whatAll these different currenciesIs it fact or is it fiction?  It’s a fact.  I deal in facts.  I deal in truth.  I deal in data.  Article quote:  “With the assistance of the Untied States…there is opening of accounts or correspondent banks which have now reached more than 40 new accounts.”

Frank26  Some of you were asking, Frank, You don’t want me to take my eyes off of my dinars but some of the banks I called said they’re going to send them to another bank and inspect them and then bring them backYeah, well you ask them for the address of that bank and you take your dinars to that bank and let them inspect them in front of you.  Once that’s done and they give you credit and you see your account is credited with the right amount well then you’re happy they can have all the dinars you took to them.  But never separate yourself from your dinars.  There are evil people in this world.   They’ll find a way to steal.

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