Iraq Affirms Commitment to Gas Projects and Expansion

Iraq Affirms Commitment to Gas Projects and Expansion

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has reaffirmed its commitment to implementing strategic gas development and investment projects.

At the ministry’s headquarters, a leadership meeting was held on Sunday to discuss gas projects. During the meeting, Azat Saber, the Deputy Minister for Gas Affairs, stressed the need to expedite new projects through both national efforts and international collaboration. He specifically mentioned the importance of focusing on areas with abundant gas hydrocarbon structures.

Saber pointed out some of their ongoing initiatives, including the Al-Halfaya Complex project located in Maysan, which is set to add 300 million cubic feet per day at the beginning of next year. This gas will be used to supply electricity power stations. In addition, they have signed an agreement with TotalEnergies that will add another 600 million cubic feet, and they are also working on the construction of gas processing complexes in Nasiriyah and Gharraf, each with a capacity of 200 million cubic feet.

Basra Gas Company (BGC) has exceeded their gas production goals, producing over 1,000 million cubic feet and aiming for 2,000 million cubic feet in the future.

During a recent meeting, Saber highlighted the importance of supporting gas storage and compression projects, which are essential for the gas sector. He also stressed the need to adhere to the government’s program and directions from the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and the Minister of Oil to expedite gas investment projects within set timelines. This will help to support the national economy and ensure a secure supply of gas for electricity power stations and other gas-related uses. Saber expressed hope for an increase in national production in the coming months.

Saber revealed that the Ministry has an agreement with a foreign company to develop the Mansuriya field in Diyala Governorate, which will be announced soon.

The meeting was attended by general managers and relevant departments to discuss various agenda items.