Iraq reduces gasoline imports by half

Iraq reduces gasoline imports by half

The ministry’s intention to stop importing gasoline is moving forward within the allotted time frame, as the Petroleum Products Distribution Company stated on Wednesday that the quantity of gasoline imports had dropped by half after the Karbala refinery was put into operation.

“The Ministry of Oil has drawn up a plan within a time limit to end the process of importing petroleum derivatives, especially gasoline,” stated Hussein Talib, general manager of the company. He also mentioned that “after operating the Karbala refinery, the amount of gasoline imported decreased to 7 million liters after Iraq was importing 14 million liters.”

Taleb went on, “Once the North Refinery is operational, gasoline imports will drop to 4 million liters,” adding that “national refineries’ increased production capacity will make up for the remaining gasoline imports.”

Talib made the observation that “after local production reached self-sufficiency, Iraq has ended the issue of importing other products of gas and white oil.”