Iraqi ship loaded with 10 million liters of fuel arrives in Palestine

Iraqi ship loaded with 10 million liters of fuel arrives in Palestine

The vessel Baghdad arrived in Palestine on Monday, carrying 10 million liters of fuel after passing through Egypt’s Suez Canal.

The fuel that Iraq sent to the Palestinians who are currently under siege in Gaza was delivered in the presence of Yassin Al-Mamouri, the President of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS), and Sattar Al-Jabri, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce.
The Iraqi government sent a fuel tanker to Egypt to provide aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to an announcement made in late December.

The step was taken in response to reports of serious challenges faced by humanitarian organizations. These included hospitals struggling to function due to fuel supply shortages.

The ongoing fuel crisis in Gaza has raised international concerns, with organizations stressing the urgent need for support to ensure the provision of minimum civilian requirements.

Israeli authorities have confirmed sufficient fuel supply into Gaza; however, reports indicate ongoing shortages, raising questions about the distribution and accessibility of these vital resources.

According to Israeli authorities, Hamas is purposefully stealing and concealing the gasoline in order to fabricate an apparent humanitarian disaster.

In response, Hamas denied the accusation that insufficient fuel supplies were due to their actions and instead pointed out that Israeli restrictions are the leading cause.