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Clare:  The Sudanese advisor expects the dollar to decline after the Washington discussions

4/16/2024 Baghdad,

The political advisor to the Prime Minister, Sobhan Mulla Jiyad, expected Iraq’s readiness to transform the relationship with the “International Coalition” into bilateral relations, anticipating a relative decline in the “dollar” with the Sudanese visit to Washington.

 Mullah Jiyad said in a televised interview followed by Mawazine News: “Iraq wants to transform the relationship with the International Coalition into bilateral relations.”

 He added, “We expect the dollar to decline relatively with the Sudanese visit to Washington,” noting that “Iraq wants to transform the relationship with the International Coalition into bilateral relations.” LINK

Don961:  Experts: The Prime Minister’s visit to Washington will bring great financial
and economic gains to Iraq

 Economy / investigations and reports 

Economists and political analysts unanimously agreed on the importance of the economic and financial aspect of PrimeMinister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani’s visit, noting that it will strengthen cooperation relations in banking reform and anti-corruption files and achieve significant financial and economic gains for Iraq.

Activating economic and financial cooperation.

Speaking to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), writer and political analyst Haitham Al-Khazali says, “The visit is of great importance because it will discuss activating the Strategic Framework Agreement and moving the relationship with the United States from the security framework to the rest of the frameworks stipulated in the Strategic Framework Agreement by activating cooperation.” In financial, economic, environmental, energy and anti-corruption aspects.”

He added, “We believe that this visit will be crowned with success and contribute to achieving great political and financial gains due to Iraq’s increasing importance in the region, its openness to countries of the world, investment opportunities, existing economic resources, the possibility of establishing economic partnership relations with the United States, and cooperation in all other aspects, the most important of which are banking and economic reform, combating corruption, energy, and financial support.”

 Effects of climate change.

He continued, “The Prime Minister is expected to meet with officials in the US Treasury Department, and the meeting may contribute to lifting sanctions on some Iraqi banks and easing the conditions for financial transfers to Iraq, which will contribute to consolidating and strengthening the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar.”

He added, “It is also hoped that the visit will witness the signing of agreements with companies investing in traditional energy, as well as in the field of clean energy, in cooperation with American companies, while strengthening cooperation in banking reform, activating anti-corruption laws and global transparency agreements, and supporting
Iraq’s efforts to recover its wanted persons and money in the United States.”

Addressing the issue of disabled banks.

The specialist in financial and banking affairs, Mustafa Akram Hantoush, said in his speech to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The visit carries economic goals at 50% of its agenda, especially from the banking side, and the Prime Minister is aware and fully oriented towards supporting the reform of the banking sector, which is what included in the ministerial programme.

He added, “The Prime Minister is supposed to meet with representatives of major American banks to request facilities for the Iraqi banking system. He will also meet with officials of the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve. We expect that there will be an official request to remove sanctions from some of the sanctioned banks that have not been proven to have committed violations.”

Iraq has turned into a workshop. 

Meanwhile, economic expert Abdul Hassan Al-Ziyadi confirmed in his speech to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “Iraq seeks to invest in the strategic framework agreement and the visit would remove the problems, especially the financial ones, that plagued the relationship between Baghdad and Washington in previous governments, and the current government moved to implement reforms.”

“Really to end it.”

He added, “The government of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani implemented actual and practical steps in the field of financial and banking reform, accompanied by an economic movement to implement important projects that turned Iraq into a workshop. It invested government work that strengthened political and security stability and provided the appropriate ground for the private sector and foreign investment to exploit the great opportunities in the fields of…

Construction, reconstruction and strategic projects.

He continued, “Activating the strategic framework agreement with its financial, economic, and i
nvestment aspects will contribute to the United States, as the world’s first economy, playing an
important role in supporting the investment movement and the Iraqi economy,
” noting that “the Prime Minister accompanied with him a delegation representing the Iraqi Private Sector Council, and this is a precedent that occurs for the first time in Iraqi governments represent great support for this sector in establishing partnerships with American investors and companies to support the investment movement in Iraq.”

An important visit in light of the regional circumstances.

The economic expert, Nabil Al-Tamimi, said in his speech to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “the visit is one of the most important stations in formulating Iraq’s foreign policy in light of the current regional circumstances, and its main goal is to chart the future relationship between Baghdad and Washington through bilateral agreements, and in fact, the Prime Minister The ministers are working to draw up a framework for the relationship between Baghdad and Washington that is compatible with Iraqi ambitions to preserve sovereignty as well as enhance economic and trade cooperation and cooperation in combating corruption.”   link


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Frank26  There are many Chief Executive Officers of many banks around the world at the US Treasury meeting right now with Sudani, Alaq and Barzani…Also…CEOs of CitiBank, Chase Bank and Bank of America are there.  We also have all of the JP Morgan representatives, Merril Lynch, all investment companies you can think of, all of them are meeting…The meetings are going on now…This [Iraqi] entourage is here in the United States to meet with their counter parts.

Militia Man  Al-Sudani’s visit to the White House…we know he’s already done that…They brought about 130 different people with them.  I think they said three planes worth…That [Large] motorcade yesterday in WDC was so very telling in just how important today and tomorrow will be. If you are not excited by now? Wake up!

The US Commitment to Iraq is Revealed Iraqi PM Visits the White House

Edu Matrix:  4-16-2024

The US Commitment to Iraq is Revealed: The Iraqi PM visits the White House. President Biden talks of commitment to Iraq’s economics and energy. The opening statements made by Iraq’s Prime Minister and the President of the United States.



Greg Mannarino:  4-16-2024