Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday Evening 4-16-24


Goldilocks’ Comments and Global Economic News Tuesday Evening 4-16-24
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Yesterday, Hong Kong regulators adopted both spot Bitcoin ETF and spot Ether ETF. In 2021, mainland China and cryptocurrency trading was banned. Since that time, China has been working diligently to regulate this industry.

And now, China’s largest family is in process of funding the above projects. “ChinaAMC, Harvest Global and Bosera International are among those that have been given the green light to issue ETFs.”

China AMC is the first Exchange Traded Fund manager in China, and they are the investment manager of the Asian Bond Fund China Fund.

ETFs track a specific set of index assets allowing you to invest in many Assets in that particular sector. ETFs allow you to invest in a grouping of companies and digitize them in a group fund.

This process allows sectors of the market to be joined together in a single asset group class bringing the new digital economy inside the marketplace.

Inside a Global Market, this allows Trading to take place between our Eastern countries and Western countries at the push of a button in a matter of seconds.

The Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) is now ISO 20022 compliant allowing this Global messaging system to clarify trades between the East and the West going forward.

For large banking transactions in the US, CHIPS is the most used for trades in cross-border International trading.

This is why the Markets in Crypto Assets regulatory process ending by the end of May is so important. MICA will become the standard by which many countries formulate their own regulatory process in trade.

Ripple and the SEC are currently involved in final negotiations. It is expected that they will come up with an agreement to settle this week.

Ripple would allow settlement of trades to take place within seconds between the East and West through their Network.

So much is coming together at once. It is important that we put the pieces together to see how close we are to the ability to transact on the new QFS. Nothing can happen until all moving parts are working together.

Ripple has agreed to implement a new Stablecoin that represents the US dollar. This coordinated effort will allow Global trading systems to fulfill payment transactions through the XRP settlement coin within seconds.

The SEC has put Ripple through rigorous scrutiny for the last few years. It is basically a coin that has gone through the regulatory process already and awaiting it’s approval to move forward on the International stage.

Stablecoin laws are already on the table in Congress to clarify new protocols inside the new digital asset based trading system. As we witness all of these coordinated efforts move into their implementation stage, it is important for us to recognize and acknowledge the work that has been done globally for the last decade or so to make this possible.

For the last 3 years, this room has witnessed our new QFS being built from the ground up. Our baby has grown up and getting ready to move out into the world.  CNBC  Esma Europa  Investopedia  Sortly  Linkedin      Wikipedia

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Currently, our markets are moving into what is called a reflation trade. This happens when price actions begin to reflect more correlations with inflation prices than true fundamentals.

This is why we’re having to realign or reset our markets along with banking system to synchronize our new Quantum Financial System with authentic values only Gold can provide.

When our new tokenized assets begin to reflect values based on gold prices, it will move our markets into authentic price actions going forward.  Barons

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During Iraq’s visit to the US, they talked about a comprehensive economic relationship. In essence, this is a free trade agreement.

A free trade agreement is cooperation between two countries that develops trade relations and investment opportunities on an International level.

Trade deals increase imports and exports between two countries. This has the ability to bring into line exchange rates accomplishing less risk on both parties normalizing their trade exchanges between each other.

In other words, a free trade agreement with Iraq would bring an equilibrium of exchange rates between our countries allowing this trade relationship to move our currencies into a real value between us.  Youtube    Carlson School   Trade   Small Business   Investopedia   Wikipedia


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Ripple Vs. SEC Update: Expert Says Both Parties Have Reached A Settlement Agreement | Bitcoinist


Iraq maintains its 30th rank with the largest gold reserves – Iraqi News



👆 If risk in this market is not contained, we are going to see a meltdown. Thus, the reason why I shared with you the next 3 to 5 weeks will be a challenge for the market in finding new price patterns.

It is important to not get so fixated on what’s going on with the market except for the debt sectors of the market. The real action is going on behind the scenes, and we cover that each day.


What Is Bitcoin Halving?

The Bitcoin Halving is when Bitcoin’s mining reward is split in half. It takes the blockchain network about four years to open 210,000 more blocks, a standard set by the blockchain’s creators to continuously reduce the rate at which the cryptocurrency is introduced.

The first reward was 50 bitcoin. Previous halving dates were:
Nov. 28, 2012, to 25 bitcoins
July 9, 2016, to 12.5 bitcoins
May 11, 2020, to 6.25 bitcoins

The next halving is expected to occur in April 2024, when the block reward will fall to 3.125 BTC.

As of March 2024, about 19.65 million bitcoins were in circulation, leaving just around 1.35 million to be released via mining rewards.   Investopedia




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BIS Announcement of the new Financial System:

“Finternet: The BIS vision that underpins the Unified Ledger tokenization push” 
Ledger Insights

👆 more on this tomorrow…


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