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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 17 April 2024

Compiled Wed. 17 April 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:  (Rumors) 

Mon. 15 April MarkZ: The Bond Folks have expectations of things starting from between Mon. 15 April to Mon. 22 April. We were told from day one that bonds need to be close to completion or well underway before they pull the trigger. We will know by tomorrow from European contacts if the Bonds have kicked off. Tues. 16 April Update MarkZ: Mark couldn’t get hold of any of his Bond Holder contacts. The calls went to voicemail, while another said he was in “Blackout.”

Tues. 16 April Bruce: Bond Holders were expecting their emails to exchange tomorrow Wed. 17 April or Thurs. 18 April. Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) should go around the same time. Yesterday a lower Tier Bank told us that they expected liquidity Wed. 17 April or Thurs. 18 April. The Iraqi Dinar rate has not yet been made public, but the Dinar is on the back screens of the Forex and trading upward with a Contract Rate that is very high. The Dong Rate is also trading upward in a good direction.

Mon. 15 April TNT Tony: The Three Letter Agencies were saying that the RV could go anytime after 5pm Mon. 15 April through Wed. 17 April. Banks were looking for it into tomorrow morning Tues. 16 April. But Tony thinks we won’t see it until next week.

Tues. 16 April Wolverine: “My Contact confirmed that there was a “pause” on everything because of our safety. But it was lifted. She said this is the closest we have ever been. She doesn’t want to give dates. But things can go any moment. Keep watching Iraq – big announcement coming soon.” Ginger: “I shared late last week that the “Pause” had indeed been lifted and things were set in motion again.”

Global Financial Crisis:

Tues. 16 April Frank 26:There are many Chief Executive Officers of many banks around the world at the US Treasury meeting right now with Sudani, Alaq and Barzani…Also…CEOs of CitiBank, Chase Bank and Bank of America are there.  We also have all of the JP Morgan representatives, Merril Lynch, all investment companies you can think of, all of them are meeting…The meetings are going on now…This [Iraqi] entourage is here in the United States to meet with their counter parts.

Black Swan Events Have Begun:

Tues. 16 April: Copenhagen Denmark’s historic 17th-century Børsen Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen is on fire. The famous spire of the world’s oldest stock exchange, Börsen, collapsed as a result of a strong fire, reports Reuters. The building is 400 years old. The 54-meter spire was made in the shape of the twisted tails of dragons.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Frank26   We are now in position IMO that the banks that are going to exchange the Iraqi dinar are now on alert.

Walkingstick  [Walkingstick’s former Iraqi bank partner Number One Update]  Number One is with Sudani.  That’s why Number One is in DC right now.  He owns 6 banks and 4 of them are in Iraq.  Those banks are playing a part of the monetary reform inside of Iraq.  Also, outside with the private bank satellite banks that are representing the Central Bank of Iraq.  They’re going to Michigan because Aki [Iraqi Bank Manager] is in Michigan.

Nader From The Mid East  I believe it’s going to happen.  I believe it’s going to change.  I believe it’s going to change, happen when it’s ready to happen.  That’s it.  When you see the coalition leave…the government of Iraq sovereign and nobody control it and when you see a new dinar that’s when the exchange rate will change.  Simple as that.

Inflation To ‘Rebound’, Crash Markets And Send Interest Rates Soaring | Louis Gave & David Hay

David Lin:  4-17-2024

Louis Gave, CEO of Gavekal, and David Hay, Co-CIO of Evergreen Gavekal, join forces to discuss the coming rebound of inflation and all the market implications that come with it.

0:00 – Intro

1:36 – Rebound of inflation

 7:37 – Fed policy

16:13 – 8% interest rate?

23:07 – Inflation and spending

33:14 – Invasion of Taiwan?

 37:11 – Market bubble

46:00 – Market outlook

 48:34 – Gold

 51:53 – Asset allocation