Misuse of Public Funds at Dhi Qar Oil Company

Misuse of Public Funds at Dhi Qar Oil Company

The Commission of Integrity in Iraq has stated that “excesses and waste” surpassing $33 million were found in two contracts for the Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) and many agencies connected to the province’s Ministry of Electricity.

The government found overruns in the price of a contract for building and maintaining storage for the Garraf oil field. The project was expected to cost no more than $12 million, but a $27 million deal was struck with a UAE business. In a contract for the delivery of oil pipelines and coverings for the Garraf field, the team also found excesses of up to $18 million.

The Commission also brought attention to the misappropriation of 37,795,000 dinars [$29k] through the exorbitant cost of photocopying machines, printers, and archiving equipment. Furthermore, an excess of about 52 million dinars was spent on the acquisition of three basins and medical waste incinerators.

The investigations also revealed the $2 million waste of public monies that went toward outfitting a power generating facility for the public firm Al-Aur that has been out of commission for more than a decade.