Customs: 2023 achieved a 28% increase in revenues

Customs: 2023 achieved a 28% increase in revenues

In comparison to 2022, the General Authority of Customs revealed today, Sunday, a 28% rise in income.

“The Authority’s revenues achieved during the year 2023 amounted to (1,033,765,697,521) dinars, with a percentage increase,” the authority stated in a statement obtained by the Information Agency. Amount (28%) in comparison to 2022, given that border customs locations where the computerized system was completely deployed were the ones with the biggest percentage increase—rather than the number of revenues.

She went on, saying, “The percentage increase attained was 208% at the Zurbatiya Customs Center, 170% at the Al-Mundhiriya Customs Center, and 147% at the Mandali Customs Center. Regarding the customs center, Great Welcome Square Customs has the greatest border level in terms of income, coming in at 302,198,276,000 Iraqi dinars, a 75 percent rise.

It stated that “its revenues result from the fees imposed in accordance with the law and instructions in force,” and it hoped “to maximize its revenues during the year 2024 after completing the implementation of electronic systems in all customs centers.”